Legendaries 1.0.4 vs 1.0.3 Comparison Charts

On the release of Patch 1.0.4 DiabloNut was updated to show the current version of all skills and items. However, you can also see links to previous versions next to each item if you’re interested to see the changes made to them over time.

But new today is a complete set of pages Dorjan has added which compare the newly buffed and pumped legendaries to their more feeble predecessors, pre-1.0.4.Β  There is a page for each category of item so you can just scroll down through them rather than looking at each item page separately.Β  You can get all the legendaries here.

comparing diablo 3 legendaries

Although you can get to them from that link I’ve listed each page below for ease.

  • Axe
  • Ceremonial Knife
  • Daggers
  • Fist Weapon
  • Mace
  • Mighty Weapon
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Daibo
  • Two-Handed Mighty Weapon
  • Polearm
  • Staff
  • Two-Handed Axe
  • Two-Handed Mace
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Hand Crossbow
  • Wand
  • Helm
  • Spirit Stone
  • Voodoo Mask
  • Wizard Hat
  • Shoulders
  • Chest Armor
  • Cloak
  • Bracers
  • Gloves
  • Belt
  • Mighty Belt
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Amulet
  • Ring
  • Shield
  • Mojo
  • Source
  • Quiver

If there is other stuff you want to see at DiabloNut feel free to pipe in the comments.

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    39 thoughts on “Legendaries 1.0.4 vs 1.0.3 Comparison Charts

    1. The sword above is still trash 95% of the time.
      1. It is a two hander with a 613-1100 damage range. Even with 1k damage the sword is trash. Even with 1100 damage the sword is trash but maybe you could sell it for 500k.
      2. Most new legendary items still have an absurd damage range to roll from. Which makes them garbage 90%. Of the time.
      3. Primary stats still aren’t random enough on all no class specific items. Which makes certain gear godly for some and trash for others (witching hour belt for example)
      4. Armor still doesn’t have enough resist all to be worth to wear because of the reliance on resist all. Res all needs a cap to push gearing diversity.

      • Resist All doesn’t need a cap. Resist All needs to mean something and not ******* be required in every possible gear slot in order to survive.

        • No, a cap allows for Inferno to be balanced around that in terms of damage, for example.

          Say the cap was 750 resist all, that means any more than 750 won’t give any benefit. Which means Inferno damage can be tuned appropriately to that cap.

          Now that damage has been tuned, people can move away from Resist all gear for more damage/vit gear which means Resist all gear is still valuable for all slots, and other gear is also valuable without having resist all on it.

          Sadly, the developers and most players have no concept of how to make a compelling game with diversity, they just want the best gear to always show up.

          I want to have choices, like I did in Diablo 2.

          • I agree. However most people seem to value elemental resistances over armor, something that is not a good idea from the experiments I have done. You get far more utility from high armor than you do from high resists.

            Seriously armor is 5x more useful than resists in almost any situation.

            Get beefy

            • I don’t think you know how armor and resistances work… resistances is actually 10 times better than armor ( 10 armor = 1 res all )

            • Really? If I have 5000 armor or 500 resist all, and I increase armor by 1k or resist all by 100, I end up with the same Reduction %.

              Thus, why does it matter? If items had +500-700 Armor I’d take that over 40 resist all.

              In short, if Blizzard wants to foster real build diversity, they will cap Resistances and Armor at around 750/7500 respectively so people can gear for caps then move onto other stats.

              No caps on gear means all gear eventually boils down to the same stats as people always want more of it. If you capped specific stats (Armor, Res all, crit chance, crit damage, IAS, etc.) then people could look for specific gear to fill their caps.

              This was the same thing in Diablo 2, it allowed for awesome builds because people could cap specific things and then get more damage/etc from something else.

              Soft Caps:
              Armor – 75% Reduction is the soft cap (7500 armor), there is no hard cap but diminishing returns means 10k armor = 80%, 20k armor = 83%, 30k armor = 85%, etc.
              Resistances – 75% Reduction is the soft cap (750 resistance), there is no hard cap but diminishing returns means 1k resistances = 80%, 2k resistances = 83%, etc.

              Hard Caps:
              Critical Strike Chance – 50% Cap, all Skills/Runes/Passives contribute to this cap, also, any temporary crit increases (Wrath of the Berserker, etc.) contribute to this cap and cannot exceed the 50% crit cap.
              Critical Strike Damage – 400% Cap, all Skills/Runes/Passives contribute to this cap.
              Damage Reduction from Melee, Ranged, Elite – 20% Cap for each.
              Increased Attack Speed – 50% Cap

              Since Dodge is not as sought after as Armor or Resistances, Dexterity should also add base Block % chance by 1/2 the rate of Dodge.
              Block % would then hard cap at 75%.
              Dodge % would soft cap at 75% with Skills/Runes/Passives.

            • To add to my comment since it seems I cannot edit it…

              Capping stats is a great thing because say there were two pairs of gloves.

              300 Armor
              150 Dex
              70 Vit
              9% Crit Chance
              60 Resist All

              600 Armor
              150 Dex
              70 Vit
              9% Crit Chance
              +200 Armor

              Both of these would be sought after, why? Because one person could need the 60 resistance to get to the 750 cap (without diminishing) while the other may already be at the 750 cap, and needs more Armor to hit the armor cap.

              This means that more items become viable; and after someone has capped armor, resistance, crit, crit damage, ias, damage reduction, etc. they can get things like Pickup radius, Ignore Durability Loss, etc. on items which make THOSE items desirable as well.

            • All I know rpgguy is that when I rock 10k+ armor and drop my resists to 500 or less to all, I survive just fine. I up my resists and lower my armor, I die every 30 seconds.

              Pretty simple.

      • The main perk is obviously the movement speed. Plus it’s below L60, what do you expect?

        For someone playing self-found it’d likely be a usable item. It’s just the AH instantly skips to way farther in the gear progression and there’s no room for items like this if you buy items at all.

        • true that.

          the light in the tunnel is that JAy mentioned they acknowledge that issue and will try to address it. That will be interesting to see.

    2. Now if only they’ll make these things drop occasionally. Better unique drop rates and a better chat system and d3 will be well on its way to being a solid game.

    3. As much of an improvement as 1.0.4 has been seeing all the legendary items displayed out like this is somewhat depressing. We had what, 15 unique chest armors along just in the normal setting alone? Legendary pants + chest armor combined doesn’t even hit that number. D3 needs more legendary items in a big way…

      • Yes more legendaries are badly needed.

        Would be nice too if they could get someone with an iota of intelligence to design them this time around, the legendaries in this game are extremely lacking imagination, even after the item buffs from 1.04.


        Whew, we almost had to come up with our own solution to the problem

        *smacks forehead*

        Oh I wish I could know what it would be like to be so incredibly bad at a job and have absolutely no worry that you may get fired for doing such a terrible job. Must be nice.

        • I’ve found t-gods, maximus, the witching hour, the three hundredth spear, and gladiator gauntlets. All since the patch hit and that is with sub 200 mf a few of which were closer to 160 mf. So waaahh waaahh L2P

          • For some reason people expect to find good items at the same rate in D3 after just two months like they did in D2 after years of optimized farming.ear

            • In D2 you could start a brand new character with 0 MF and have a reasonable expectation of finding a unique/set within your first hour or 2 of play. Some of these low level uniques/sets were even quite useful (Sigons etc)

              In D3 I play HC and have levelled numerous characters to 60 plus played a fair amount of inferno act 1 and I have found a total of around 10 Legendaries and not a SINGLE set item.

              As some have already said, the AH is clearly the MF hunting area.

            • Good items? Fuck, I just want to find something other than yellows and blues for once.

              Like runes, jewels, sets, uniques, charms… why does this game have less features, again? I hear you can find blacksmith + jewelcraft books but I’ve maybe found 2 in 250+ hours of play.

    4. Yesterday I found my first unique, Heart of Iron, which actually was an upgrade for my lvl 36 HC Barb. Quite exciting πŸ™‚

      Didn’t find anything before 1.04 (only BS plan for Captain Crimson’s set), I think I’m still <100 hrs playtime. I think it should be tough to find legendary items, because compared to D2, lots of good rares drop. Uniques should be unique, in D2 everybody and their mother used the shako or vampire gaze.

    5. Nitpicking: I would’ve prefered seeing 1.0.3 items on the left and 1.0.4 on the right, as that’s how you usually read comparisons (before -> after). Unless you’re living in a right-to-left country, of course.

      • I see what you mean but I want to keep current on the left with previous on the right, reading left to right I find easier.

        • I agree with moonfrost about the left to right thingy. Anyways some items seems to be missing properties, for example justice lantern does not show the +random properties.

    6. I don’t understand why legendaries are still rare and still so random/bad?? Spirit sword in D2 had quite a bit of variability because the runes used were common enough to roll it many times to get good affixes.

    7. I’m at 15 paragon now. I didn’t quit playing patch 1.03 like many of the detractors in this thread seemed to have. So my gear was prepared and established so I can run act 3 or act 4 inferno now solo without many deaths or sometimes any deaths. So yeah the ones complaining have work to do to get back to that level, but it’ll happen soon. Stop sitting on here whining and get to paragon leveling things improve.

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