Patch 2.4 Legacy of Nightmares.

    Patch 2.4 Legacy of Nightmares.

    One of the more interesting advertised gear changes coming in patch 2.4 is to the (currently useless) ring set DiabloWikiLegacy of Nightmares. When worn as a set these rings now grant an irrelevant +15% MF/GF, and occasionally make a skeleton appear.

    That’s going to change hugely in Patch 2.4 when the set bonus will raise your damage enormously 1) for each ancient item you’re wearing and 2) as long as you don’t have any other set bonuses active.

    The screenshot previewing this item set change in the Patch 2.4 preview was correct, but an out of date shot was shown during the Diablo 3 panel at Blizzcon, so today Wyatt Cheng tweeted out the correct info. Legacy of Nightmares Mega Buff in Patch 2.4:

    Legacy of Nightmares/Wailing Host is 800% PER ANCIENT. The screenshot on the panel was old.

    This inspired some math theorycrafting from a fan, which resulted in big numbers.

    800 x 13 = 104x damage multiplier. Take something super simple like Locust Swarm + Quetz. Fire rune with this set maxed = 38,480% weapon damage PER SECOND. Think about that.

    Of course it will require testing, but since this is an overall damage multiplier INCLUDING weapon procs, think of something like a monk generator with built-in attack speed scalar and a low/no ICD weapon like Shard of Hate. In fact, SoH may become the BiS weapon for this setup.

    Of course the damage buff only exists if you do not have on any other set bonuses, which rules out every single popular build in the game today. Players will have to find whole new ways to play, without all the six piece set designs that are the entire end game at this point.

    Finally, you can use just whatever collection of legendary items and skills you’ve always wanted, while still doing top end damage comparable to (or bigger than) any of the uber cookie cutter builds in the game today. It sounds pretty awesome, and we’ll see it soon enough on the PTR… though even Wyatt’s twitter replies are full of doomcrying Wheaties pissers predicting the 800% will be nerfed to 200% or 100%, because we can’t have nice things.

    What do you guys think? Do you expect the 800% damage to lose at least one zero? Are there builds or skills or gear combos you’re dying to try out with gigantic damage bonus tacked on? Happy to be free from the tyranny of 6P set gearing? Or do you think this set will just be a novelty and non-competitive at the high end?

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