Legacy of Nightmares Mega Buff in Patch 2.4

Patch 2.4 Legacy of Nightmares.

Patch 2.4 Legacy of Nightmares.

One of the more interesting advertised gear changes coming in patch 2.4 is to the (currently useless) ring set DiabloWikiLegacy of Nightmares. When worn as a set these rings now grant an irrelevant +15% MF/GF, and occasionally make a skeleton appear.

That’s going to change hugely in Patch 2.4 when the set bonus will raise your damage enormously 1) for each ancient item you’re wearing and 2) as long as you don’t have any other set bonuses active.

The screenshot previewing this item set change in the Patch 2.4 preview was correct, but an out of date shot was shown during the Diablo 3 panel at Blizzcon, so today Wyatt Cheng tweeted out the correct info. Legacy of Nightmares Mega Buff in Patch 2.4:

Legacy of Nightmares/Wailing Host is 800% PER ANCIENT. The screenshot on the panel was old.

This inspired some math theorycrafting from a fan, which resulted in big numbers.

800 x 13 = 104x damage multiplier. Take something super simple like Locust Swarm + Quetz. Fire rune with this set maxed = 38,480% weapon damage PER SECOND. Think about that.

Of course it will require testing, but since this is an overall damage multiplier INCLUDING weapon procs, think of something like a monk generator with built-in attack speed scalar and a low/no ICD weapon like Shard of Hate. In fact, SoH may become the BiS weapon for this setup.

Of course the damage buff only exists if you do not have on any other set bonuses, which rules out every single popular build in the game today. Players will have to find whole new ways to play, without all the six piece set designs that are the entire end game at this point.

Finally, you can use just whatever collection of legendary items and skills you’ve always wanted, while still doing top end damage comparable to (or bigger than) any of the uber cookie cutter builds in the game today. It sounds pretty awesome, and we’ll see it soon enough on the PTR… though even Wyatt’s twitter replies are full of doomcrying Wheaties pissers predicting the 800% will be nerfed to 200% or 100%, because we can’t have nice things.

What do you guys think? Do you expect the 800% damage to lose at least one zero? Are there builds or skills or gear combos you’re dying to try out with gigantic damage bonus tacked on? Happy to be free from the tyranny of 6P set gearing? Or do you think this set will just be a novelty and non-competitive at the high end?


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  1. I think the power might stay because one thing we will lose is running speed, no angry chicken for WD, no Bul kathos for WW barb etc.

    I think a good change will be a two tiered system so you can still get a boost from a non ancient legendary item, otherwise the set will struggle to get a place in a season, and I predict that a lot of players will make this an issue.

    PTR testing is going to be an issue, I doubt people have a load of wearable ancient legendaries, outside of the few they use where set pieces aren’t.

    Since they will do a drop rate buff, I think they should up the ancient rate even to 100%, this would lead to a better testing environment anyway, especially levelling the playing field for newly added weapons.

  2. Classic Blizzard band-aid on top of a band-aid.1. Sets are OP. What do we do? 2. Let's make another item that gives you power when you're not wearing sets.3. What if this item becomes too powerful??4. Then we'll just make a helmet that you wear that gives you even more damage when you're not wearing the rings OR not wearing any sets. 5. Touche.I think I saw something on the Simpsons that was similar… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9yruQM1ggcThey do look cool though, and it's gunna be fun experimenting with them.

    • I agree with PrvtPiLe, it is classic blizzard band aid on band aid but then again anyone here who reads my post know that I more often see the negative side of things.Wot I think is, its a bounty nerf. Wot I don't like about it is that everyone will use it. Streamlined gameplay isn't a good move in a world where people can communicate so rapidly as in today's clan/website/internet gaming world as we quickly figure the best way to play. Blizzard should be making the game harder to figure how to make the best build. This imo is the opposite of that to the most extreme. Grab 2 piece set and win. Which legs you use are irreverent as the bonus goes to the ring and not the ancient legs. Should have been the other way around with a randomizer thrown in somewhere.

    • You're certainly right about the type of solution (but what else to expect?). However, I feel this is a bit of different approach than what they'd normally do: Their typical 'ad nauseam'-style solution would instead have been to make 10% of Ancient non-Set items drop as Primordial Legendary items granting the dmg/dfs increase.

  3. I'm more excited about this then almost everything in 2.3!Could this finally be the right time to build a frenzy build using stalgards decimator.

  4. Actually think this is a great idea… maybe add 1/2 the bonus to non-set/non-ancient items… That way you can build for all the abilities, not just what ancients you get or don't get.

  5. It sounds cool and all but Blizzard need to start thinking “out” of the box instead of reinventing the wheel. Simple changes that would make the game more interesting could be:

    * Tiered Leg gems (unlock more than just at lvl25) (what about 50 – 75 ? )
    * Cube recipes that potentially add an additional random affix to an already good item – with a chance of loosing the item … ?

    This is just two examples of using what already works but improves existing game play … common guys.

  6. Honestly, I like this patch, but there really needs to be something more to do at end-game. Granted the infinite treadmill of better stuff has always been the core of Diablo but the game just needs more in my opinion. Paragon is a decent start but honestly, after I’ve gotten the game down to farm status I mostly just lose interest. I still pop on to mess with each new season but it never really lasts for more than a month. I don’t think the game is bad, it’s come a long way, but I really just want more to do.

    • i think it might be wise to add raid content for guilds only to do you can get special rewards form a 10 man party for example against The Real Diablo much stronger than an uber and has a high hp pool takes 20 + mins to down but rewards given will be worth itits not that im disapointed in diablo again this year but i think that blizzcon was wasted again this year on D3 i dont see why they bothered with a "paultry news" small content update at the panel i know its relevant to game but blizzcon is where u announce Major updates on the ACTUAL future of the game not the next patch and ptr id rather they actually disscussed points like what are you gonna do with paragon points Capp them or add new attributes, or how are you addressing the crippling lag if there are gonna be more small releases like 2.3/2.4 or an actual dlc content with new chars. i just dont know whats up with blizz lately hopefully now starcraft is out of the way they can focus on D3 again

      • The last thing D3 needs, is going further downwards the spiral towards becoming more of an MMO. Period! More like the opposite… And the Paragon system at this point only shows its worth in being a candidate for the permanent scrapyard and should be replaced by a full character development system actually working as a counterweight to itemization in its overabundance of RNG-dependency, allowing for more leeway regarding item design concerning the number of affixes held, including the one or other fixed affix with only a thighter range of its value being dependent on lucky RNG rolls. (: As it was with item design in D2 and is currently impossible in D3 due to lacking such counterweight completely…)

    • Take a look at my lengthy character development system post under the Official Patch Preview news. I'd like to know, if the rerere-balancing concept, I've rushly described there, would appeal to you as one way of worthy 'end-game' addition to D3.

  7. i wonder if this will be the new end gear for some builds? getting a full set will be easier than getting all usable ancients so i could see people getting sets after 70 until they grind out all the proper legendary ancients

  8. That's nice, but some of the 4pc bonuses are pretty big survival boosts. It might need a toughness boost on top of just the insane damage. Of course, everyone knows what the DPS in 4 player Grifts are going to be wearing.

  9. I think that the damage bonus is way too strong at 800% per ancient legendary. I think that having the defensive bonus scale based on your ancient legendaries is probably fine, but having a large damage bonus that scales that strong will invalidate most every other build, especially since ancient legendaries are so powerful stat-wise on their own. I think it would probably be better to buff the damage numbers to 1000-1500% extra weapon damage, and make it static, so that only defense is increased per extra ancient legendary. This would still give you power comparable to powerful set items (most give roughly 800-900% weapon damage, and this would give you higher damage in exchange for not having set bonuses to help you out), while letting you have scaling defensive benefits to make the defenses roughly equivalent to what other sets give you.

    • Following your logic, I'd rather have three rings in the legacy set, with one combination focused on the offensive, neglecting defensive, another quite to the contrary and/or complementing on the defensive by adding a 'mastery' buff to the health regeneration [or something like that], while the last combination should be as balanced between offensive and defensive, as the above …

  10. Oh wow, this set is amazing. I figure it will have to be nerfed or it'll be the best one in game by far. On top of maxing dmg and defense now we can wear immunity items too, and cube them. Xepherian and countess, ice climbers, the bracers that stop knockbacks, and still be doing more dmg than the best sets do now. Or you can throw on all the atk dmg ancient legs and up the dmg even further. If they don't nerf this it might help move everyone from the old cookie cutter 6 piece sets.

    • "If they don't nerf this it might help move everyone from the old cookie cutter 6 piece sets."And that's a bad thing? Why? Looks more like a positive to me. That it's following the not-so-good ole 'power creep cures everything in D3'-pattern, is a negative in and for itself enough. No real need to deepen it's weight by further lines of argumentation.

  11. Six-piece sets are popular/mandatory because of their massive damage bonuses. With this, a lot of other builds become theoretically possible.

  12. Everyone would already have a full set of ancients by now, if we hadn't junked them because of stash space restrictions. Just like we all vendored DB for the same reason. Magic find for nexT patch anyone?

  13. The 800% bonus is possibly additive bonus and not multiplicative. If so, the number suddenly doesn’t seem so big.
    Remember the Skull grasp ring, with the 400% to whirlwind, which is basically useless ? This is additive damage.

    • There's no "official" word on what type of damage it is at the moment but Wyatt Cheng did get into a chat with people on Twitter and was very clear on "We're probably going to bring this number down in the PTR". He then followed it up with this:"Legacy of Nightmares should increase build diversity not reduce it. If it is outperforming all class sets we'll reduce the 800% during PTR."So maybe 100-200% once everything is said and done.

  14. It's interesting and maybe it is what we need to break out of the set based feedback loop of the top end gameplay. My concern is that you end up duplicating the effect of the builds without have the gear on because with a few pieces of gear you can get near (with the numbers as they are now) the level of explosions you can get with sets. I did try and do the math of an Exploding Palm monk without Uliana's but my horrific hangover is getting in the way of that one.

  15. Well, I am interested in this!  make a massive spike damage build with envious blade.  max out crit damage across everything and hit with the hardest skill you've got.  Maybe a DH using loaded for the bear, 40% ED passive to enemies over 75 health or whatever it is.  Or an arcane meteor sorc with a ton of +AP.  One massive initial attack to boom!  Probably would plateau pretty quickly, but may be fun for lower torments/speed runs?

  16. Still though, it eliminates all the rings from builds that don't use 6pc sets. Would have been better if it applied at the first 2pc bonus on every set in the game, then we could go mad with builds.

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