Leaked Diablo III Game Manual Pictures?

Some user on Reddit posted what appear to be cell phone ninja photos of some pages of the Diablo III manual straight off the printing press. They’re fairly good quality images and nothing in them is spoilery, so click through the thumbs here and enjoy the preview.

Most of them look pretty light on text, with just a picture of the class and some basic info, but this one of the Barbarian (to the right) seems to have a whole short story on the facing page. It’s hard to read in the blurry picture, but it sounds like a story of human interacting with Barbarians, now that they’ve gone largely insane and feral due to the destruction of the worldstone.

I eagerly await someone with better eyesight sharpening the images, painstakingly transcribing their text, and proving my above words entirely inaccurate. Thanks to Neinball for the news tip.

Many comments speculating on what this means about a DiabloWikirelease date. I’d say not a lot. While they’re still working on the game, burning DVDs or uploading files for digital download isn’t that time consuming. Producing millions of game boxes and manuals, translated into a dozen languages, distributed all over the world for a simultaneous release, is a huge project. It must take a tremendous amount of planning and advance preparation, and must begin months in advance of the actual release date.

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35 thoughts on “Leaked Diablo III Game Manual Pictures?

  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve been to a full-color printing press and if those aren’t legit then someone probably spent a lot of money for a joke. It seems fairly accurate (not that I know the ins-and-outs of printing) from what I saw at the press.

    • My mom’s be in printing for the last 35 years, I’ve seen a ton of proofs over the years, those look pretty legit to me the color dots on the left side of the pick are a really good indicator, unless someone made them and used a professional press, which would be sad.

  2. You know, some people might consider those images a little spoilery. :p

    “now that they’ve gone largely insane and feral due to the destruction of the worldstone.” Feral barbarians, now that’s something I’d never want to face.

    • Jesus, at this point EVERYTHING is a spoiler isn’t it? How is the destruction of the worldstone a spoiler when it is from a game that is 12 years old? 

      Seriously people, just close your eyes and wait until D3 if you’re going to keep this up.

      • I don’t think it’s the destruction of the worldstone that’s being considered a spoiler; rather the reaction of the barbarians to its destruction. I don’t care that much myself either way, but that information wasn’t in Diablo 2.

        • The spoiler I was referring to was actually seeing those images of the manual. You can always choose not to read text as soon as you see the word “spoiler”, but the brain picks up images so quick that we can’t choose not to look at them. Because if we see that there are images, we’ve seen the images.

          • We avoid posting spoilers without warnings, though there are always debates about what actually constitutes a spoiler. I assume that anything Blizzard releases and covers extensively, such as through a Blizzcon panel, is no longer a spoiler, but some readers have disagreed on that point in the past.

            In this post though, all you can tell from the thumbs is that the Diablo 3 manual contains images of the characters (all of these we’ve seen before) and words.   I’m betting that anyone reading this could have guessed that prior to viewing this news post?

      • Don’t rage on me for wanting to enjoy the whole product at once, instead of seeing bits and pieces here and there :p
        But yeah I probably shouldn’t hang so much around a fansite if I’m that sensitive to spoilers.

  3. This means they really are at the final stage of developement if they are designing the manual 😀

    • Well ‘designing the manual’ isn’t particularly noteworthy.

      Printing it, though, is. They’ll have to be stored in warehouse space somewhere until they’re ready to be assembled into the boxes and that costs money. Unless this is just an initial test production run, which it easily could be.

      • If you keep in mind the crazy amount of copies they’ll need to be ready by release then it’s not impossible for them to be assembling the manuals now. It would probably be cheaper to produce manuals in a slow rate and store them somewhere cheap in the desert than to emergency book 10 printers and rush 10 million copies.

  4. No, it does not, if you read dfans they say manuals can be printed months in advanced, this should not make you think one way or another about a date.

  5. I’m just waiting for someone to use the color stripe printing codes on the side as an excuse to bring up the “rainbows” of the art controversy again…

  6. As Flux has pointed out already, this really means nothing about the release date or how far along the development process is.  Something similar to this happened with WoW’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  The box art and collectors edition for WotLK were leaked weeks before the game even went into beta testing, heck the collector’s edition was a big news item as Blizzard hadn’t even announced a collectors edition of the game yet and all of a sudden there was a box for it.  The manuals and boxes for D3 probably went into production around the time the box art was revealed at Blizzcon.

  7. lol, when the text is beyond resolution limits of the human eye even fairly good eyes dont help reading it ^^

  8. This must mean they’ve locked down the reworking of the runestone system if they’ve signed off the manual.

    • This could just be test prints of the parts of the manual that don’t deal with gameplay mechanics directly. They may not even mention much in the way of specific mechanics in the manual beyond a “how to play” guide anyway.

  9. I can read some of it… The longer portion is talking about the demon hunters (hence the picture of the demon hunter on the bottom right of the page) and is something akin to the Abd Al-Hazir stuff on the old official site. The Barb picture is from a different page as they kinda overlap… Just look at the class pages to see what I mean.

    The class pages are basically just brief summaries of what they do (the barb one uses the the Conan the Barbarian reference about crushing your enemies and driving them before you /facepalm) and at the bottom it says to go to the official website for more information and gives the urls for their respective online guide pages… I’m guessing Blizzard decided to cut back how much they spend on printing and just summarized a lot of the stuff in lieu of directing people to the official website guide for the real info…

  10. For the first photo, the Barbarian next to a large amount of text, that does not go together. The manual is to be staple bound, which means that the pages next to each other are not related. The front cover/back cover page is, as well as what would be considered the \middle\ of the book. The Demon Hunter photo, though, looks like it could be said middle page. I may not be 100% accurate of the printing here, but I can defiantly say that the text in the first photo does not necessarily correlate to that Barbarian image. There are also elements that bleed over into other pages, and the first photo does not seem to do this any way.

    • Not really surprising that they would use those, although it is somewhat disappointing that they didn’t come up with some new material… It makes me wonder if they’re just going to copy and paste all of the Abd Al-Hazir entries into the manual… Hopefully they’ll at least write some new ones…

  11. Seems to be photoshopped to me.

    The picture with the barbarian and the story next to it is on the Diablo 3 website. The little story about the Demon Hunter and how the author of some book met one.

    Doesn’t seem to be organized enough to be a manual imo.

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