A pair of new world #1 Greater Rift clears in video today.

    First up is the new global highest Greater Rift clear, as a four player party takes down GR74 with just seconds to spare. It’s the usual gameplay; 2 DHs doing all the DPS with Kridershots and the UE set, plus a Crusader and Witch Doctor for their perma-CC lockdown zDPS talents. The gameplay is the same “motionless DH’s emit an endless stream of Blue Balls” but as these guys are pushing the upper edge of what’s possible in Reaper of Souls (at least until next patch power creeps us into the GR80s) they’ve got to use a lot of strategy in terms of bringing more mobs into the killing zone in each fight, and trying to eliminate all dead time.

    It’s a fairly tense run with a lot of strategic cooperation, and the last minute or two is funny as the guys clearly don’t think they’re going to make it, as the seconds tick away and Voracity’s billions of hit points reduce at a glacial pace. That said, they could clearly finish a GR75 or GR76 of this same composition if they got Stonesinger for the Guardian, so I’m sure we’ll see more advances in the four-player Leaderboard as the season continues.

    Click through for the new Monk record, as a new challenger clears Greater Rift 59 with style and aplomb. The video is embedded from Twitch, so it’s below the fold because AUTOPLAY is history’s greatest monster.

    It looks like GR59 is about the limit for a Monk, as this guy gets repeatedly one-shotted by trash mobs despite his almost complete lockdown CC talents. He’s sitting through 25s of death cooldown by the end and seems unlikely to triumph, before shrine RNG saves the day with a Power and a Channeling Pylon only a screen apart, and Stonesinger offering himself up for a 20-second massacre of spastic Dashing Strikes.

    Watch live video from Maypreem on Twitch

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