The same group of players set Leaderboard Hardcore #1 times for GR65 in a 3p group, then adding a DH and voyaging through GR67 with four players. Note that the brand new 4p HC record is 74, and it was just 71 a couple of weeks ago, and that’s in softcore, where all the characters involved can (and have) died hundreds of times without losing a single item of equipment.

    The play style for these clears is exactly the same as the 4P style: the WD locks everything down with perma-CC while the Crusader helps on that and chain drags more enemies into the killing zone, while a DH (and/or sometimes Wizard) deals the bomb damage. Hold your breath through the action and the procs, starting with the 3p clear of a Greater Rift 65. (The the 2nd place is GR61, so they took a huge leap up.) The PoV is from the WD, show it shows more of the nitty gritty action than we get from the DH standing at the edge of everything in the 4P softcore vids. Congrats to Zen and his party, and you can see his stream here.

    For the sake of comparison, I was running a low 40s GR a few days ago with 3 other guys from the IncHC clan. We were steamrolling along, had just cleared GR40 in around 4m, and felt no fear when suddenly we ran into an elite with Jailer, Reflects Damage, Thunderstorm, Fire Chains (IIRC) and at the instant of first contact both the Barb and Crusader took instantaneous RIPs, and my DH and the other DH both proc’ed from the Jailer/RD/Tstorm hitting us from half a screen away.

    We were just a PUG doing some high 30s-low 40s for quick EXP and fun, with everyone piloting a DPS char, but everyone was well geared and had routinely done gR40s solo, and we were on pace to finish the GR42 in ~5m. The point is that above GR40 it’s so easy for one really bad Elite to cause a fluke death, a 1 in 100 blip of bad luck…. which means nothing to your overall progress in softcore, but completely ends it in HC. Thus I’m amazed at players who can consistently clear GR50+ in HC, since no amount of toughness can make that less than dangerous, and even with the exploit-level of perma-CC now possible in D3, I don’t think it’s safe here.

    And yes, it’ll be very interesting to see what kind of GRs people can achieve next patch/season once the perma-CC has been disabled, assuming other power creep doesn’t offset that fix.

    Click through for the four player GR67 clear. Second best on the current 4P US S3 Leaderboard is only GR63, so both these clears were huge leaps over the next best times.

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