We checked in on the DiabloWikiLeaderboards a couple of weeks ago when the first four-player parties were pushing past Greater Rift 100. Well, the Patch 2.4 “Power Leap” continues and we’ve now got four-player groups pushing GR110, while even some three player parties are joining the in triple digit GR land.

    The WD is expendable?

    The WD is expendable?

    All of the top 4p parties are the default grouping with a DPS wizard supported by a WD/Barb/Monk who do nothing but healing and CC. (Given that there are 3P parties also doing GR100, I’d bet it’s possible to do a 4P GR100 with 2 DPS chars in the group, but haven’t yet seen that demonstrated.)

    All figures and links point to the online Battle.net leaderboard display as of noon, Feb 11, 2016.

  • Korean 4P Non-Seasonal: The best is GR106 in 14:17, and there are 440 characters who have exceeded GR100. (Yeah, that’s GR100+ all the way down to the bottom of the third page of the 4P leaderboard in the browser view.)
  • Korean Seasonal 4-player: The best is GR103 in and there are 91 total characters who have exceeded GR100.
  • Europe 4player Non-Seasonal: The best party so far cleared GR105 in 13:24, and there are 126 total characters at GR100 or better.
  • Europe 4player Seasonal. The top group has cleared GR103 in 13:44 and there are 143 characters with a GR100+ clear in a 4p group on EU.
  • Americas 4 player non-seasonal. GR103 in 14:42 is the best time, with 113 characters at GR100+.
  • Americas 4 player seasonal. The current top is a group of the required Monk/Barb/WD/Wiz at GR103 in 14:02, and there are 66 characters at GR100+.
  • Three Player GR100 Busters

    There are multiple groups at GR100 with 3 player parties, (and dozens more in the GR95+ range on all Realms) all of them comprised of a DPS Wizard with CC/healing from a Monk and a Barb. No one has beaten GR100 with a three-player Seasonal party yet, but the top 3P parties are at 99 or 98 on all 3 realms, so expect that milestone to fall in the immediate future.

  • Korean Non-Seasonal 3p: GR102 in 14:54, with 12 characters (4 separate 3p groups) at GR100+.
  • Europe 3 player non-seasonal: Seven characters have beaten GR100, with the best current 3p group at GR101 in 14:05.
  • Americas 3 player non-seasonal: Three separate groups of a Wizard, Barb, and Monk have hit GR101, with the best time a GR101 in 13:31.
  • Hardcore

    If you’re wondering about Hardcore, no party has come near GR100 yet, but on US and EU they’re not too far off. The best current group is up to GR96 on US Seasonal and GR94 in EU Seasonal, and yes, that’s Seasonal. It’s interesting to note that while all softcore Leaders are much higher in non-seasonal, the opposite is true in Hardcore. Seasonal US/EU at 96/94 vs. US 86 & 85 EU in non-seasonal. That’s not a real surprise to me as a HC player, since virtually everyone in hardcore goes Seasonal… because we’re used to starting over from scratch?

    Congrats to all the GR100 busters! Maybe take an evening off sometime… your families miss you.

    Click through if you want to see a video of the play style in action. It’s from Gabynator showing the first GR100 clear on US Seasonal, and this 4p group now tops the US Seasonal Leaderboard with a GR103 clear.

    Not a real exciting playstyle to view, as it’s all about locking down the enemies with CC while the Wizard blasts them, but that crowd control method results in the top GR clears every season.

    And yes, as someone always points out in comments… almost everyone in these top parties has about 95% uptime since the season began. Insert your “botters or insomniacs?” jokes here.

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