Leaderboard #1s: GR57 Wiz, GR60 Monk, GR71 4p

Three new Leaderboard #1s in videos today. There’s a GR57 Wizard, GR60 Monk, and the highest yet, a GR71 four-player clear.

First up, here’s the GR57 Wizard, Hardcore. Running the Aether Walker + Tal’s build that’s all the rage. This build can be modified to scream through T6 Rifts in one minute, or scaled up to the huge damage and survivability for GR50+, even in this unforgiving HC mode.

Click through for the GR60 Monk and GR71 4p clear.

GR60 Monk, with Thousand Storms and endless 1 yard Dashing Strikes. You can see this same player clear GR58 in a post from last week.

GR71 four player on Europe. This same party cleared a GR69 a couple of weeks ago. It’s the usual perma-CC WD, herding Crusader, and two Slow Ball DHs doing all the damage. Methodical, slightly absurd, and basically a living advertisement for why Blizzard wants to end perma-CC in the next patch.


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