The gaming blogger Daeity writing at Digital Castration has proven himself expert at rumor-mongering in the past, and as he’s got a new post attracting some attention early this week, you might want to check it out. The post is here, and the numerous contradictory updates make it hard to follow, but the core allegation is that Blizzard recently laid off a bunch of game developers, mostly ones allegedly working on Project Titan, though some Diablo III names were included as well.

    The evidence was rumors, as well as various “formerly worked at Blizzard” type updates to their job status on their Linked In and Facebook accounts. Blizzard CMs have denied the allegations and status updates have been subsequently altered, but ultimately it does seem that at least one (or more) developers (not part of the D3 Team) have left the company in recent days. Or not!

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