Launch Night Live ARPG Developer Interview Videos

We all had a blast on launch night talking to you guys, and as promised, we can now bring you the video interviews we did with the ARPG developers from Runic Games (Torchlight 2), Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile) and Crate Entertainment (Grim Dawn).

If you missed the interviews, we asked the developers how the Diablo franchise has influenced them in creating their upcoming ARPG projects and they also discuss their titles. On the night we couldn’t run the interview with Max Schaefer due to a few technical issues so we have it right here for you now.

Read on after the break to watch all the interviews.

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    17 thoughts on “Launch Night Live ARPG Developer Interview Videos

    1. Started playing yesterday.
      Tried to continue today.
      But my hero is gone.
      (Bad haiku about unsaved progress.)

    2. HAHAHAHAHA……. Diablo 3 influence on Torchlight…..hahahahaha…… Max Schaefer created Diablo, it must be like, Torchlight 2’s influence on Diablo 3.

      • It works both ways. First, look at how Torchlight 2 shamelessly tried to copy Diablo 3’s “painterly” world with some added cartoony-ness (pastel shades etc).

        And then look at Whimsyshire’s artstyle. Not just an excellent easter egg, its also Blizzard’s way of telling Schaefer: “We’re aware you’re copying us, so this is where we put YOUR art style.” A very subtle way of saying that TL2 is basically a joke compared to Diablo.

        • the fuck u talking about? TL2 has same graphics style as TL1… yes it copied its style from its own previous game.

        • so, you really believe Blizzard used that art style in the Whimyshire level as a way of “giving the finger” to Runic Games ?   Really ? 😆

          wow, you’re delusional  

          isn’t it much more likely they used that art style as an inside joke in response to all the controversy about D3’s OWN art style when the game videos were first shown ? 

          this is from over 3 years ago 



          do you believe those were in response to Runic too  😆


        • Whimsyshire is only an example that Blizzard is giving to players that how they can screw something good. WHAT was THE POINT of adding that in a Diablo (Horror) game. Easter egg you say, what was wrong with a SCARY cow level?
          That didn’t effect TL2 nor Runic, do you think anyone cares? they only made a fool of themselves.
          And even if we agree that it was mockery of TL2, i think it was Cheap and very unprofessional of Blizzard and it easily shows that either they are threatened by TL2 or just can’t admit that Blizzard North (Runic) made a better game. (Diablo2 and TL2)
          Until TL 2 is released, we can’t say that it’s a joke compared to D3. Like always, consider every outcome, it can be a joke or it can be better than D3. be practical, refrain from Blizzard fan-boy-dom please.
          No Offense 😀

        • humungous,

          so, you really believe Blizzard used that art style in the Whimyshire level as a way of “giving the finger” to Runic Games ?   Really ?  😆

          wow, you’re delusional  

          isn’t it much more likely they used that art style as an inside joke in response to all the controversy about D3?s OWN art style when the game videos were first shown ? 

          this is from over 3 years ago 


          do you believe those were in response to Runic too  😆

      • I know you love to troll D3 on every oppurtunities you got and probably you’re someone with financial interest on Blizzard’s competitor. But please for once use your tiny brain a bit before posting trollish comment.

        Firstly Max Schaefer is no God. Diablo is created not just by him but it’s a group effort, just because he had left doesn’t mean shit. He doesn’t dictate everything in Diablo development. It’s also 100% correct that Torchlight is influenced by Diablo 3 as it had been long in development before Torchlight 1 had even existed. How could it possibly be the other way around? Only a dumb troll like you could have mixed that up.

        • If you had said that Torchlight copied Diablo 2, all well and dandy, but Diablo 3…. come On…. Its a good game, it really is, But it’s a NEW direction game, I don’t see any similarities between the two actually.
          Secondly, Max may not be the God of gaming, but he is compared to Jay Wilson 1000% Better at making games. We’ll see soon enough when it is released. TL2 that is, it can be nothing compared to Diablo3 , but it can also be better than D3, consider all those possibilities.
          Please don’t forget the fact that Diablo 3 has had a lukewarm to negative reception, though I personally think that the game is good. Be practical in your comments and avoid Blizzard Fanboy behavior please.

          • No similarities? C’mon D3 is still an addictive hack & slash in the spirit of Diablo franchise with addictive action and loot explosion coupled with horror theme. I don’t know how you see it differently unless you just hate every single change that set it apart from being a D2 clone, or you just hate changes in general.

            As for lukewarm reception, that’s still too early to say and critics haven’t weighed in yet. Personally I seen both side of the reviews with slightly more on the positive side, but keep in mind that those who love the game is more likely to be enjoying themselves and having fun in the game, not out in the net fighting haters/trolls, we also know that people are more vocal when they hate something after all.

            Nevertheless if you chose to only see the negative comments I can see how you can arrive at that conclusion. We select news that we want to hear…

            • Thats not what I meant. There are small similarities between D2 and D3, but that is what makes D3 a fresh and exciting game. At least i didn’t want a Diablo 2 clone, we are already getting that in TL2.
              Secondly, it is true that some of the more latest reviews about the game are good, which is a sigh of relief at least for me, but still negative aspects and reviews dominate as of now. But don’t worry, I stand in the front lines when it comes to defend what is genuinely good about Diablo 3. But there are some aspects of the game that are somewhat not good, meaning don’t expect backing up on DRM issue.
              All I’m saying is that, Blizz trolls/fanboys need to get out of that “everything Blizz does is Awesome” state of mind.

            • Yea I’m with you on the DRM side… For me the biggest downside is its online-only requirement, but ironically given the choice like in D2. I would have picked characters anyway… It’s just nice to have the option I guess

              For the fanboy side, given the ridiculous hatred D3 had received from people who just hate anything that’s popular. I could understand their extreme defensiveness and fanboism, after all some of these hatreds are also unreasonable and undeserved. The massive success of WoW had put that big target on Blizzard’s back, being associated with Activision made that worse. 

    3. Before any one fly’s of the handle, I just want to say that, personally, I like Diablo 3. Its a great epic game, Blizzard sure delivered. Apart from the DRM, game is awesome. My only issue is that it is no Diablo 2 as in it is no longer a game who will set standards in the ARPG games, at least not now, who can say 10 years from now.
      Stop comparing TL2, Grim Dawn and POE with Diablo3. While TL2, GD and POE are similar among themselves, they are not similar to Diablo 3 in gameplay.

      PS: Has anyone bought/read the “Order”. should I buy it, is it worth it?

    4. I liked the interview with Arthur Bruno. Glad he didn’t say the politically correct thing when it came to saying he didn’t care for not having to put stats in D3. Look forward to Grim Dawn! 

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