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As I type this, Diablo III’s launch is 26 hours away for fans in the US. It’s only 19 away for fans in Europe, and 10 for fans in Asia. We head about those crazy Swedes waiting in line all week, but that was just a few friends who’d probably just been kicked out of the house by their parents anyway. Thanks to Shanda for pointing us to Korea news that shows huge crowds gathered, hours in advance of the launch time. (Or maybe these are just reused pics from the last Starcraft game launch there. I wouldn’t know any better.)

We should see crowds like this at some of the European Diablo 3 launch events tomorrow night, and at the one US event near Blizzard HQ. Nizaris is going to attend that one, so we should have some good photos and first hand reporting; anyone attending any of the EU events is encouraged to send in pics and reports as well, and have fun out there! The last pic below is a shot of the collectible lanyards that Wal-Mart stores are giving out as prizes at their midnight launches in the US.

The short article on the Korean Herald isn’t much to read, but the photos are interesting. You see both of them below the quote:

Avid fans of the wildly popular online role-playing game ‘Diablo’ series have gathered in masses to buy the limited edition of the game on Monday.

By early Sunday, approximately 1,300 gamers were lined up outside a store near Wangsimni station in Seoul to purchase the game, a day before it was even released.

Desperate fans have even packed sleeping bags and tents to spend the night anticipating the moment when their 12-year wait finally pays off.

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    20 thoughts on “Launch Events Worldwide

    1. and again thanks for always being there incgamers 🙂 ill still be tuning up hehe.. ill wait till 12:00 AM for the asian release

    2. 13 hours to go. Still at work. Will be home in 9 hours. Then sleep till launch.
      Then play till fingers bleed. Then go to work. Heal fingers. Rinse n repeat until my wife kills me or threatens to sleep with pool boy!

      Thusly….12 years of waiting > 10 hours of play or bloody divorce. Gawd I wish i was 15 years younger today.

      • I’ve got a week off. My wife promised me to bring food in time and try to bother me as little as possible 🙂 (she’s pregnant, she will still need some assistance around the house).

        I’m all set 🙂 

        • Is she a helpless woman or a modern age woman who can take of herself? Let her do her thing, helping her only shows you think she’s weak!

          • She’s a modern woman with limited capabilities! Helping her shows I know her STR, and lift equipment that has higher requirements!

    3. Guys, things are getting tense…I mean REALLY TENSE!!
      I wish I could focus on my work right know but I’m helpless….

    4. i sent my wife to shes mother house and invited my mate for our little opening party 😛 she prolly kill me cause im sure we stay for week playing and drinking hehe

    5. I have to respect the South Korean reporters for actually doing research and knowing how many years it has been.
      Seems like most American reporters would say it is for Xbox.

    6. Of course, the Koreans got to get a kick start on their farming to screw up the Diablo III economy.

      Sorry, but that country ought to be banned from playing. 

      • Congratulations, you win the “dumbest comment I’ve read all week” award. Your family will be proud.
        Unless you are playing on the Asian servers, you won’t even share an economy with them.

      • this is not true we can not start tell the us time im here in korea please talk like you know something 

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