Latest Diablo 3 2.1.2 Hotfixes for 28 January

Another set of hotfixes have landed today and they are as follows:


  • Resolved an issue where players would not be able to resurrect if they leveled while dead (1/28)


  • Resolved an issue where Seasonal Achievements were not being recorded on the leaderboards if the achievement was awarded while the player was out of game; if you encounter this issue, please enter a new seasonal game on the affected character to correct your Leaderboard standing (1/28)


  • Players who modify their gear or skills in another game will be unable to re-enter a Greater Rift until they revert their loadout to what it was when the Greater Rift began (1/28)


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  1. eh what does that mean modify in another game im confused? u cant change gear in grifts so once started…

  2. wow didnt know that could work..

    • Neither did Bliz, apparently.

      Maybe people were serious when they talked about saving their best tricks for the end of the season, in a last minute attempt to nab a top spot on the Leaderboard?

  3. Next Blizzard needs to fix elites and trash mobs sometimes failing to disappear when the boss spawns in greater rifts. I’ve personally encountered this and several others have reported it on the forums as well. It’s a quick and unfair way to have a surprise death, which may ruin your time or lose you your character (stuff like this is why I could never play hardcore).

    As little as Blizzard pays attention to their forums I doubt they’re even aware of it. Even if they are they sure haven’t bothered to warn anyone.

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