Lots of players on the Americas Realm have reported issues with latency and lag spikes over the last couple of days. Blizzard is aware of the issue and has been collecting player data. Unfortunately it’s not something they can fix directly since it’s not on their end.

    We are aware that some of you have been experiencing increased latency/lag today. We are not sure at the moment if this is being caused by something on our end, or if it’s related to a specific ISP or a specific peering partner that the connection is being routed through.

    I would like to get gather a little more information from those of you that are experiencing this issue so that we can have this looked into further.

    Please provide the following information when you get the chance:

    1. Who is your Internet Service Provider?
    2. What city and state are you playing from?
    3. Pathping

    Here’s a support article that will help with the Pathping: Running A Pathping Test

    From what I have seen, this issue appears to be affecting mainly Time Warner and Charter customers that are going through ptr.us.xo.net and through AT&T in Chicago. I’ve escalated the issue so that it can be looked into from our end, but in the meantime, I also recommend that you contact your ISP so that they are aware of the issue, and so that they can possibly open a ticket to investigate the issue from their end as well.

    This might be a good place to point out that consumers in the US pay the most for about the worst broadband Internet in the entire world, thanks to the massive telecommunications companies successful efforts at “lobbying” for legislation that basically granted them regional monopolies for Internet access, with no requirement that they upgrade their bandwidth or provide any minimum speed quality. So they don’t invest in that, and instead work to maximize profits via bundling fifty crap channels with the one channel you want, and constantly barraging you with ads at you for terrible Movies on Demand.

    Hip hip hurray for Comcast and AT&T! May dogs eat their swollen livers!

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