Hopefully you’ve done all Christmas shopping last week during the “Christmas Gift Shop Week“, and can lean back, awaiting the holiday while making an effort to do as little work as possible at work. In either way, we’ve had more buzzing discussions than usual this week after Flux’s Merc Drawingboard and some recent DiabloWikiBashiok posts on Battle.net!

    Tyrael’s Wings Have Changed

    • My news item about Tyrael’s apeparance change has been a heated discussion, and also ignited the forums, where crimson started a thread as well. What’s up with our favourite Angel?

    Battle.net 2.0: Ads and Something Worse

    • Tannen is quite worried about the future of Battle.net…

    Good and Bads of D2 merc

    • This quite long going thread by visom was recently brought to life again by Hodl Pu, possibly by the last Drawing Board discussion about mercenaries. This question is more what was good and bad about the mercs in Diablo 2.

    Item Affixes & Modifier Brainstorm

    • Initiated from the Battle.net post by DiabloWikiBashiok, zero started a local discussion to brainstorm D3 affixes, and has quite a lot of good suggestions in it!

    Item Affix system idea [+ and -]

    • On a related note to the above thread, sirroman suggested that we should have affixes that will have negative modifiers as well.

    Fury, Stamina, Mana.

    • DiabloWikiBarbarians use DiabloWikiFury instead of DiabloWikiMana, and it’s all very confusing. nicki is asking if anyone can give a straight answer to this whole thing…

    Wands are Dumb

    Melee Wizard

    Remember that if you find a particularly interesting thread you should pm/e-mail me at with a link url! It doesn’t have to be created in the last week, but at least have something interesting added to it in the last seven days. Thanks for the past week’s submissions, and please be on the lookout again this week.

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