Last Round of D3Here “Answers”

As I controversially promised, we’ve got one last batch of answers to your questions, from the alleged D3 play-tester who may or may not be the same person formerly responsible for the d3here blog. With that legalese out of the way, click through to the forum thread that archives all of the d3here blog posts. I’ve added this last batch to it in post #57. They are unedited (aside from formatting) from the way they arrived in my email, and as we’ve said all along, offers no guarantees of their veracity and encourages you to read them (should you choose to do so) purely for entertainment.

As far as I know, this is the last we’re going to hear from this guy. He was ready to vanish into turtle mode without even this farewell, but now that it’s out I think he’ll be keeping his head down for the foreseeable future. You guys are free to keep submitting your believing/skeptical/disbelieving questions, but don’t hold your breath for a reply.

I remain unconvinced of his authenticity, but I’d like to publicly thank him for providing us with so many interesting game theories and points of debate. Whatever you think of his credibility, you’ve got to admit that his writing spiced up the last (newsless) week, and the slow holiday weekend.

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1 thought on “Last Round of D3Here “Answers”

  1. “Are you cool with the complete lack of synergy skills in D3?”
    I’m cool with it I guess.  I realize the only reason they existed was to act as a band aid for the poor design of skills, etc in D2 and if they get them right straight away in D3 there isn’t any need, but to me there is just something about them that makes spending skill points seem more fun.

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