Last Forum Watch of January… We here at Diii.net hope that you have had a very productive first month of January, without too much despair for the salary that has been so distant after all the Christmas shopping. The good thing about lack of money is that it’s absolutely free to surf the Diablo 3 Forums!

    Thank you for the past weeks Forum Watch thread submissions, and please keep on sending in suggestions for next week to !

    4th or 5th Class Guesswork

    • Discussion about the upcoming classes is active as usual. Valamyr’s thread has been especially active the past week, talking about the Farmer class, but there has also been some buzz in Erwwwd’s old classic. Perhaps just go with a Vagabond class?

    Durance of Pain – FINISHED!

    • The D3-community’s own 3D artist, Delowyn has not only a Delowyn wiki article, but also finished his “Durance of Pain” 3D artwork. Apparently, his next project is the DiabloWikiFallen

    About de Globes.

    System to Avoid Dupes & Bots

    • Akse the Finn, started a thread about Hacks and Dupes a little while ago. D3 will have a great protection against it, but people are very concerned about the topic anyway.

    Official D3 Forum Introductions Thread

    • If you haven’t introduced yourself to the Diablo 3 Community, make a post in Flux’s introduction thread!

    Witch Doctor’s Pets

    Diablo III Release Date?

    • The never-ending discussion about the Diablo 3 release date continues. snipermcguns’ thread is thriving on the topic.

    Have a DiabloWikidemonically great week!

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