November is nearing its end (hello payday, goodbye money for Christmas presents…), and people just seem to have nothing better to do than chat about Diablo 1, 2 and 3. Well, I am not implying that there is anything better to do, but it’s nice to jest fellow Diii.net members for our collective addiction!

    During the last week there has been a multitude of interesting and popular threads on the forums, and here is a little pick out of the Diablo 3 forum highlights. Remember that if you find a particularly interesting thread you should e-mail me at with a link url! It doesn’t have to be created in the last week, but at least have something interesting added to it in the last seven days.

    Several Expansions Speculation

    • We reported on multiple Diablo 3 expansions a few days ago, and the new Diii.net member zero started a discussion thread on how you would like to be served your Diablo 3 release and expansions.

    Importance of Teleport

    • DiabloWikiWizard fan Galabab’s thread on DiabloWikiTeleport is still a hot topic, a long time after his first post. Of course, now we know more about the spell as well.

    Nerf the Teleport Ability

    • There are many opinions on that movement spell, and Extreem wish they would remove it or at least nerf it in a newer thread…

    Your future Barbarian’s name will be…

    • What name will your upcoming DiabloWikiBarbarian have? Echod16’s first (and hopefully only) Barb will be called GaussWaffle!

    People STILL Hate the Witch Doctor

    • …or at least they are still fiercely discussing him in Zarniwoop’s ancient thread. What are your thoughts on the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor?

    Short Name for Wizard

    • Classes always get nicknames. Galabab asks what you will call the DiabloWikiWizard class.

    Would You Like Busier Towns?

    • The towns of DiabloWikiDiablo 1 and DiabloWikiDiablo 2 might have been nice looking and tranquil, but it might be good fun to make them a bit more alive. That’s what Artimedes think anyway.

    I would bet money on a Knight & Rogue.

    Also: Happy Birthday DylWeed, PeeZed and brokensvt!

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