Last Chance to Vote for Best Games of 2012

At the end of this weekend the IncGamers Readers’ Awards 2012 will close so there is only 48 hours to vote in all the categories. The voting is really close in all the categories so head over now and make your vote count to select the best games of 2012.

In other IncGamers news this week’s vidcast/podcast is live where the team discuss The War Z’s launch controversy, the Secret World’s new subs model, David Brevik’s Marvel Heroes and more.

Content this week includes:

  • Marvel Heroes hands-on preview
  • Shootmania Storm preview
  • Why I love the Secret World
  • What’s Mayan is yours: Joel Bylos on ending the Secret World subscription fee interview
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles review
  • Dishonored Podcast Special
  • Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials DLC review

The Readers’ Awards will be announced on 27 December so watch out for those next week.

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    13 thoughts on “Last Chance to Vote for Best Games of 2012

    1. i vote D3 as there is no pvp !
      and i like it


      let those fagot pvp idiots know there place !
      you want pvp go play a shitty fps game !

    2. On sale for under $40 at amazon… not even near the top 10 on that PC games chart even at that price… still no pvp… can’t even win ign best pc rgp vs a title with 5% of the budget…

      HO HO HO HO!

    3. I don’t know about you guys but im voting for Diablo 3… its been fun for me (Well, only recently) and hopefully with more updates it will become much more enjoyable, I think its insane that people thought this game would be flawless straight out of launch, but not having pvp doesn’t help, I personally don’t even really want pvp right now, im to busy improving my character, and lets be honest people want pvp so they have a reason to play pve, or you could just play pve right now in preparation for pvp, either way I don’t see myself playing pvp a whole lot even if it was out right this second.

      • Site trolling: you’re doing it wrong. See all other entries for examples.

        See the “funny” part is where you spend lots of time hanging around a fansite for a game you “hate” talking about how much you “hate” it. “Quotes”.

        • It’s also where you hang out for a game you hate with the hopes that it will be made into something you love with a patch…and the site is for news that may bring you to that realization. Troll who’s trolling trolls fail.

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