Last Chance for Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10This is a public service announcement! In around 24 hours Windows 10 will no longer be free, and if like me you have sat on the fence about upgrading, then it’s now time to make a decision.

As someone who avoided Windows 8 like the plague, I was reticent to upgrade to Windows 10. This week I took the plunge and pushed the upgrade button and fortunately by PC didn’t explode.

If you are going to push ahead with the upgrade then take a look at the Windows 10 free upgrade period ending – A guide to upgrading and privacy article on PC Invasion, it should help, expecially when sorting out the privacy settings. Microsoft want ALL your data.

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  1. So, that’s good. You owned by microsoft now?

    • Shame on them for trying to save you money!

      • While there is no monetary exchange (i.e. free), Windows 10 is paid for by pushing advertisements to your machine and by gathering info on your daily activities. Yes, these can be mitigated to some extent, but on August 2nd Microsoft is releasing an update that will disable turning off some of these settings.

        Basically it boils down to how you balance Free vs. Freedom.

  2. Windows 10 is terrible, any serious gamer should avoid using it.

  3. why would you upgrade to that stupid win 10 ??
    Win 7 FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!

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