Last Chance for Blizzcon Tix Tonight

Your second and final chance to buy Blizzcon tickets is tonight, at 7pm PDT. As usual, you’ll have to camp the spawn site to have any hope of getting in line close enough to the front to get yours.

Check the news post about last weekend’s first sales rush for valuable hunting strategies.

Update: And they sold right out. Of course. If you didn’t get in don’t despair; we’ll post news about ways to win tickets as promotions come online later this year.

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1 thought on “Last Chance for Blizzcon Tix Tonight

  1. Ok,’s a question.

    If they plan on re-implementing the Talisman/Charms in a patch post release, how will they work that in? When that patch is released, we will all undoubtedly have characters that will be past the point that we would have been given the quest to get the damn thing. So will those characters just..all of sudden be given the talisman and have to go back and hunt for charms?

    It doesn’t make sense to me. I think it is much more likely that it will be in the first expansion. I don’t see them releasing a patch quickly enough before our characters get to the point where we are given that quest.

    Pardon me if I am missing something, If I’m wrong I welcome be corrected. I just don’t see it being in a patch.

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