Large Book of Cain Samples

Book of Cain Page 7
The Large pics

Yesterday the publisher of the Book of Cain, Insight Editions,  uploaded some sample pages of the book but the pics were quite small and hard to really see all the detail and text.

Site visitor Tamas got to work to put together pieces of the images and we have now compiled those into larger shots so you can read the text and enjoy the sketch art. Thank to Doomscream who has also been on this.

All the pics after the break.

We have included these in our Diablo 3 Merchandise gallery in slightly larger format.

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    15 thoughts on “Large Book of Cain Samples

    1. Great, but thumbs are not clickable 🙂

      PS Could you PLEASE PLEASE make thumbs on the frontpage open directly in large view? It’s such a pain to:
      – click once for opening pciture in a new window
      – click again for fullscale view
      – close 2 windows
      – repeat above for every picture…

      Many thanks, love this site!

    2. Anyone who has read the novels: is this a big retcon for the history of High Heavens/Burning Hells? Prime Evil (singular)? Using the Worldstone to create planets? WTF? And everyone’s whining about Sheablo…

      • I would say it is retcon.
        Inarius and gang go from creating the worldstone to stealing it.
        Inarius and gang go to shielding the world stone from the high heavens and burning hells, when I was under the assumption it was Trag’Oul who did the shielding, and that the only reason the high heavens were able to find sanctuary was because Trag’Oul failed to shield it at the last moment, and their reason for going to sanctuary was not for the worldstone but to use the naphelem as an army or to destory them.

    3. So the Sheablo form is because diablo knew it would terrify fanboys everywhere? F*ing Brilliant!

    4. Wow, they’re now retconning stuff that was actually in Diablo 2 itself. Usually they just retcon stuff outside the games.

      It says Tyrael created the Pandemonium Fortress as a bastion around the world stone. Except the Pandemonium Fortress was Heaven’s outpost in Hell, a la Act 4. Act 5 has the worldstone, and it would be the Worldstone Keep that was the fortress around the world stone.

      Could be an early draft or other error or something, I guess.

      • Most deff, there is alot of retcon in there, I thought that Iniarius created the worldstone, not that they stole it and covered it up. And also that trag oul was the one that shielded sanctuary from the angels not to gain control of the worldstone, but to gain control of the power of the nephalem or destroy them.

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