An awful post on something called SoftSailor.com makes an effort to rumor monger that the Diablo 3 Beta will be announced at Gamescom tomorrow. I don’t think we need to tell you guys that that’s not going to happen, but just in case you were wondering about the authority of the post, here’s the first paragraph:

    Rumourmill: First Diablo 3 Beta To Be Launched At GamesCom

    This is exciting news indeed. Blizzard seem to have a little thing for the Gamescom event, after they released the first preview of the Barbarian character from the in-progress Diablo 3 RPG and some other sweet details back in 2009, rumour has it that the first playable version of the much awaited third instalment in the Diablo series will be presented in Germany at Gamescom 2010!

    Let’s fact check just a bit. The DiabloWikiBarbarian (and DiabloWikiWitch Doctor) were revealed in June 2008 at the WWI event in Paris. The first playable D3 demo was at Blizzcon in 2008. Neither of those things happened at Gamescom, not in 2008 and certainly not last year.

    I hope this is one of those “news” sites that’s run like a wiki, at which anyone can sign up and post news. Cause otherwise, this is just sad.

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