In a repeat of news we’ve seen several times before, the Korean Game Rating Board again declined to issue a final approval (or denial) of Diablo III for release in Korea. As before, the issue is entirely related to the Real Money Auction House, since that’s considered a gambling-like feature, and gambling is heavily regulated/prohibited in Korea.

    South Korean industry and media sources (like the prominent local gaming site Thisisgame.com) expected Diablo III to finally receive the much coveted 18+ rating in Korea today, but it simply didn’t happen.

    The endless saga (that is now turning into something more similar to a farce) that sees the rating of the upcoming and massively anticipated game by Blizzard continuously postponed by the local Game Rating Board continues: during the hearing that happened today no decision was taken.

    Both Bashiok and Jay Wilson have recently insisted that the D3 delays are not related to the RMAH in Korea, though many conspiracy theorist fans give those denials little credence. Thanks again to Lukk for the news tip.

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