Korean GRB Again Silent on Diablo 3

In a repeat of news we’ve seen several times before, the Korean Game Rating Board again declined to issue a final approval (or denial) of Diablo III for release in Korea. As before, the issue is entirely related to the Real Money Auction House, since that’s considered a gambling-like feature, and gambling is heavily regulated/prohibited in Korea.

South Korean industry and media sources (like the prominent local gaming site Thisisgame.com) expected Diablo III to finally receive the much coveted 18+ rating in Korea today, but it simply didn’t happen.

The endless saga (that is now turning into something more similar to a farce) that sees the rating of the upcoming and massively anticipated game by Blizzard continuously postponed by the local Game Rating Board continues: during the hearing that happened today no decision was taken.

Both Bashiok and Jay Wilson have recently insisted that the D3 delays are not related to the RMAH in Korea, though many conspiracy theorist fans give those denials little credence. Thanks again to Lukk for the news tip.

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10 thoughts on “Korean GRB Again Silent on Diablo 3

    • If Blizzad would be gracious enough to attempt to explain WHY the release isn’t impacted by the GRB decision, maybe fans would take them seriously.  Until then, people will assume that they can’t release the game globally as planned until this issue is resolved.

      • They can still release they game without the RMAH present and if need be patch it in later.

      • Because first the new wow expansion needs to be ready for Beta play (just like they did when they launched SC2).

        A new Blizzard game always attracts 3 to 4 million copies sold. A launch of a new game will always be backed up by a new playable (beta) version of their real cash cow.

        Obvious, it is SO obvious.

        Why do you even ask ?

        The 2 games were already linked to each other since Blizzcon…

  1. They will never get the approval from GRB for RMAH, so just sit back and watch the show. How important is it to have a RMAH or to release in South Korea? We will eventually find out if those are related.

  2. If they insist on a global release, and the korean GRB delays their approval again and again…. at some point, this will be the reason for a delayed release.

  3. You do realize that you’re now posting a news comment on a news comment to an actual news?

    The GRB doesn’t say ‘D3 we don’t rate you today’ they just do other stuff instead. Officially it was never said that the GRB would rate D3 this week. It was all speculations because the GRB has board meetings on wednesday and friday and people just hope for them to do what they themselves expected.

    Right now nobody can realy say what the internal process and progress of the GRB regarding D3 and when they make their decision. For the GRB a week means nothing and they don’t need to publish a game which is officially not even finished ( so Blizzard can put economically justified pressure on the board) but will probably have an influence on a lot of future decisions.

  4. I don’t really get all this “conspiracy theory” stuff. Do people really think that the game is finished and the devs are just marking time by polishing and changing game systems because of the Korean ratings board? Given Blizz’s track record, their design philosophy of iteration, and their (consistent for several years now) comments about the progress of the game, what possible reason do people have to believe that the game is actually ready to be released but for the Korean board?

    As Denninger said, eventually, if Blizz can’t find a work around, the game will be completed and the Koreans will be what is holding up release. We have no reason at all to believe that that time is now.

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