It feels like BlizzCon 2011 just ended (well, it feels that way to me), but there are other gaming events coming up. The Korean G-Star gaming convention kicks off this week, and convention news items stress the fact that Diablo III will be on display at the show. Jay Wilson is in Seoul for the event, so we might see an interview or two pop up.

    Looking in our news archives, I see that past years G-Stars have generated some news, but mostly for ninja videos, ninja screenshots, ninja machine specs, and booth photos, rather than anything through official channels. Will this year bring more Diablo III, with the game nearing release? Will booth security continue to be non-existent? Will the Korean gaming press wonder why the Zerg look so funny? Only time will tell. If you spot any interesting coverage from the show, especially if you’re reading it in Korean, do spread the word via our “Send News” button atop this page.

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