Korean Diablo 3 Rating Board RMAH Drama Continues

News from a couple of days ago informs us that the Korean game rating board postponed their decision on D3’s rating, but that it’s due around January 4th… which is right now, in Korea. Whatever the decision, it will be nice for all of the “Bliz is delaying D3 to get the RMAH approved in Korea” conspiracy theorists to get some fresh meat.

The endless saga of the rating of Diablo III in South Korea continues. Several local news sources reported today that the final decision on the certification of the game has been delayed for the second time, as representatives of the Korean Game Rating Board explained that “a more thorough review is necessary”.

The final decision was initially delayed a few days before Christmas, as the Game Rating Board requested Blizzard to submit more information about the real money auction house that will be included in the game.

According to the legal consultants of the South Korean branch of Blizzard the game and it’s auction house don’t conflict with the rather strict regulations enforced in the Asian country, especially due to changes made to the system after the first delay, but the second delay seems to indicate that a problem does exist, considering that games are normally given a local rating after no more than two weeks.

Other recent news on this issue.

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29 thoughts on “Korean Diablo 3 Rating Board RMAH Drama Continues

    • Yeah, that’s pretty silly. Any time something big happens and noone knows what it’s about then mostly it’s about money. I think that is exactly the same in this case. Besides, check “Digital Castration” blog by Daeity, his last entry sais all about this.

      • I never doubted this delay was a “political” decision rather than some issues or content missing from the game but after reading that blog entry everything lined up so neatly to actually explain the real reason for that decision. Lets take the most recent example, today we’re supposed to know what GRB thinks about D3 and puff magically all 15th anniversary celebrations/surprises are held AFTER that decision. Raise your hand if you think the surprise we’re going to get is related to what that decision is going to be?

      • Daeity is the one inventing dates and putting Morhaime on air planes he was never on …

        Be sure to check the next couple of posts wher he  – as usual – will change dates and “key” elements as he sees fit.

        Remember the “lies” about subscriptions he so called proved, remember the “massive lay offs” that consisted of one man and his horsie.

        D will invent and change things on the fly.   Anyone can state anything on the web.

    • It IS still a conspiracy theory.
      Let me give you a couple pointers: “Proof that the delay has been caused by […]” There is no proof in there, it’s a post by a Blizzard CM which can be evidence at best, shouting “proof” when you really don’t have anything is a very sure sign of a conspiracy theory. It could just as well be proof that battle.net integration took longer than expected, or that they want to meet a certain release date for marketing reasons (which would be another conspiracy theory).
      As far as conspiracy theories go, this one is actually somewhat reasonable, it’s entirely possible that a simultanous launch is important enough for Blizzard to delay the game, but that doesn’t change it’s status as a conspiracy theory.

    • Yeah! How dare their government attempt to protect the populace from predatory international online gambling schemes!  Oh wait…

    • @failureboy No, don’t fuck a country over because they won’t let a video game become a possible harm to their populace. Selfish aren’t you?

    • Fcuk u.s. a ami rihh t?

      Id?ots. Too much fast food.

      BTW, I’m not Korean and I don’t live in Korea.

    • im wit failureboy korea licks nuts its a fuckin game ur not putting money in to a pot and then have a chance the casino or home is gonna take if u lose they just get a cut of everything u sell kinda like the fuckin goverment stop fuckin slowing the game down for the rest of us cuz u want some money or bullshit  like the FUTURE IS GONNA SUCK DICK IF EVERYONE IS A PUSSY

  1. Lol, kinda funny this article is so late. “The rating will be delayed… they’ll have it out by today!”

    • That remains to be seen. Could very well be they make the final decision on friday. Or even postpone it again.

  2. its all Ron Paul’s fault
    Ron Paul is threatening to pull US military forces out of S Korea, so S Korea delays D3 in retaliation

  3. South Korea already took a massive hit to their productivity when Starcraft 2 was released, they don’t want it to happen again.

  4. Why cant blizzard release D3 without the RMAH in korea? Just patch it in later after they have cleared all the obsticles through further dialogue with the korean ministries (or gaming board members), that are responsible for the decision.
    Why does Blizzard have to launch the RMAH around the globe at the same time?

      • So instead of making money by releasing the game and introducing the RMAH for the rest of the world (and patch it in for korea at a later time), they should do nothing and keep waiting to make profit? 0.o
        Like: Hey, I can make 90% of the profit now and get the last 10% later. Nono, lets get 0% now and 100% in a few months/years 0.o

        • That is not possible. There is no seperate version of the game they can release in Korea. It’s the same software and the players are free to create characters on US or EU realms and use that auction house.
          Blizzard will have to introduce a region lock before they can do country specific releases.

  5. If Korean players can’t play with real money, they’ll go to Taiwan or another country.

    No matter what, d3 will be THE on line hit of 2012.

    If this mechanism will succeed, expect a HUGE change in on line gaming.

    D3 with a RMAH and published worldwide will have bigger numbers than Wow (not even talking of the console versions).

    I predict 15 million players (50% console players) within ONE year, IF Blizzard plays the cards at the right moment.

    THE END of subscription based games by 2013

  6. Let Korea do what they want and what I say is fuck the simultaneous global release.     Release it in the US and EU then worry about Asia later.   I know a lot of SEA players will be upset but I know a lot more US and EU players that will be over the moon.

  7. “a more thorough review is necessary”
    Translation: “we’re not done playing this s**t yet!”

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