News from a couple of days ago informs us that the Korean game rating board postponed their decision on D3’s rating, but that it’s due around January 4th… which is right now, in Korea. Whatever the decision, it will be nice for all of the “Bliz is delaying D3 to get the RMAH approved in Korea” conspiracy theorists to get some fresh meat.

    The endless saga of the rating of Diablo III in South Korea continues. Several local news sources reported today that the final decision on the certification of the game has been delayed for the second time, as representatives of the Korean Game Rating Board explained that “a more thorough review is necessary”.

    The final decision was initially delayed a few days before Christmas, as the Game Rating Board requested Blizzard to submit more information about the real money auction house that will be included in the game.

    According to the legal consultants of the South Korean branch of Blizzard the game and it’s auction house don’t conflict with the rather strict regulations enforced in the Asian country, especially due to changes made to the system after the first delay, but the second delay seems to indicate that a problem does exist, considering that games are normally given a local rating after no more than two weeks.

    Other recent news on this issue.

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