KeyWardens Spawning Below Inferno

Diablo 3 DiabloWikiPatch 1.08 changed things so that Keywardens would only spawn on Inferno difficulty; removing them from the Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulty levels. This worked as far as I’ve seen; I’ve leveled two new Hardcore characters from zero to sixty (well, 59.5 in one case) in v1.08 and didn’t see any keywardens until Inferno. Other players have spotted the KWs on lower difficulty levels though, and Blizzard has confirmed that this is a known issue and will be fixed.



Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that we do have a potential fix for this. However, I don’t have any info as to when it may appear on live servers. Just know that it’s in the pipeline.

Thanks for all the reports!

The KWs were problematic prior to v1.08, especially on Normal difficulty since they were so much more dangerous than the other monsters around them. Blizzard tried hotfixes that removed their most deadly debuffs on lower difficulty levels, but ultimately decided to remove them entirely pre-Inferno, in v1.08.

Players say they want more ultra rare occurrences and that the game is too static without new content. And then something like this happens and provides ultra-rare monster spawns… and there are still complaints! Those poor purple named monsters in Diablo 3; no one loves them.

Seriously though… has anyone seen a KW in v1.08 before the Inferno? Do you wish you had? And how about the larger issue, of the KWs being held back until Inferno. Would you rather see them on all difficulty levels still?

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  1. I’ve never seen them before Inferno. As a HC player though I wish they were there, as a challenge. In a content-limited game such as D3, every piece of the adventure is important. Maybe Blizz can figure (with the infamous Loot 2.0 patch) a way to have NO-NM-HE-IN Hellfire versions, with adjusted stats. It would make the leveling process more interesting.

    • A lot of the complaints about KWs when they first went in came from HC players, or self found players (or both). Since the KWs were so much above the general monster difficulty in their areas, especially on Normal. The A3 one in particular, since he could block the path entirely in Stonefort, CC with the ice storm, teleport to you, etc.

      • As I’ve said, I have no idea about the degree of difficulty they presented. I’m always up for a challenge, if the goal is within reach, but if it cannot be surpassed and/or circumvented then..maybe it’s better they are gone.

  2. This is the least problem of this game. I’m really waiting for Gamescom and Blizzcon.

  3. I’d be fine with it if they were in out of the way areas.

    • I was debating this with Xanth in game the other day, as I’ve been doing A3 key runs lately, and judging the overall quality of the acts for farming. I think now A3 is clearly the least valuable for farming, with A1 and A2 well ahead of it. Partially due to the scorpions being nerfed in EXP and partially since most of us got really sick of A3 doing it non-stop before the monster density patch.

      But the KW doesn’t help, since the A1 and A2 KWs are in the top 2 farming areas in the entire game. There’s no way anyone farming the first 2 acts would ever skip the Fields or the Oasis, which makes the KWs almost a default kill. That’s not true in A3, since Stonefort isn’t terrible, but it’s long and twisty and has a much lower monster density. It’s not likely to be a farming level for anyone, which means the worst farming/exp act (aside from A4) also has the worst key run path. And that’s sub-optimal no matter how you look at it.

  4. Literally the day they released the patch that removed the wardens from pre-inferno I was playing with 2 friends on our way to 60 and almost lost my barbarian to act 4’s warden in nightmare. Since I wasn’t expecting him at all, I had charged right into him and a pack of elites and a bunch of other trash mobs, I ended up kiting him with a few percent of my health left praying that his anti-healing debuff wore off before I ran into more mobs…not very happy with Blizzard that day.

    Haven’t seen a warden since, at least.

  5. Flux any news about SF? some blue respond on us forum that they dont know if they like the idea of SF… I mean thats how most d1/d2 fans play, and i wont buy expansion without such mode implemented. Use your connections to tell them that many would come back and “play” in such mode..

  6. That and stonefort/battlements are the laggiest areas in the game, even on sc I hate playing in them. SSDs/flashdrives don’t help enough here, though they do help with almost every other area. It makes a difference but you still get some serious fps drops.

    If the keywardens are in out of the way areas you can put em back in the lower difficulties without worrying about them ganking an unprepared player. Something like Scavenger’s Den (if it always spawned)/that side area in the Oasis/um I dunno are all areas people ignore until Inferno anyways as xp is overly abundant pre 60 as is.

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