Diablo 3 DiabloWikiPatch 1.08 changed things so that Keywardens would only spawn on Inferno difficulty; removing them from the Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulty levels. This worked as far as I’ve seen; I’ve leveled two new Hardcore characters from zero to sixty (well, 59.5 in one case) in v1.08 and didn’t see any keywardens until Inferno. Other players have spotted the KWs on lower difficulty levels though, and Blizzard has confirmed that this is a known issue and will be fixed.



    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to let you all know that we do have a potential fix for this. However, I don’t have any info as to when it may appear on live servers. Just know that it’s in the pipeline.

    Thanks for all the reports!

    The KWs were problematic prior to v1.08, especially on Normal difficulty since they were so much more dangerous than the other monsters around them. Blizzard tried hotfixes that removed their most deadly debuffs on lower difficulty levels, but ultimately decided to remove them entirely pre-Inferno, in v1.08.

    Players say they want more ultra rare occurrences and that the game is too static without new content. And then something like this happens and provides ultra-rare monster spawns… and there are still complaints! Those poor purple named monsters in Diablo 3; no one loves them.

    Seriously though… has anyone seen a KW in v1.08 before the Inferno? Do you wish you had? And how about the larger issue, of the KWs being held back until Inferno. Would you rather see them on all difficulty levels still?

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