Keywardens are now Global drops

Keywardens are now Global drops

Try my new, less convenient location.
Try my new, less convenient location.
An undocumented change in Patch 2.2 has made Key farming much easier in multiplayer games, since Keywardens are now Global drops. The patch notes don’t mention this, though they do list a bit about keywardens.

Areas in which DiabloWikiKeywardens are located now have a boss icon on the Waypoint map

  • The icon will indicate whether or not the Keywarden has been killed
  • This is only for level 60+ games
  • DiabloWikiNekarat the Keywarden

  • Has been moved from Silver Spire Level 1 to Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier
  • Previously, the common way to farm for keys was for 2+ players to head to the same area and spread out, rushing through the Fields of Misery, Dahlgur Oasis, Stonefort, or Silver Spire Level 1 Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. Whoever found the keywarden would alert the others and wait, not killing the KW until everyone was in the vicinity so they would be eligible for the drop.

    That was the old way. You can still do that, and it might even be faster on the really large areas (Dhalgur Oasis), but characters in the game no longer need to be in proximity to earn a key drop. Each Keywarden will drop a key for everyone in the game, or no one — it’s all or nothing, so everyone gets a key, or no one does, from each Keywarden, and the best odds are still just 50% on T6.

    The key does *not* just appear in your inventory like a Horadric Cache. Each character must go to the spot of the Keywarden’s death to pick it up, but since everyone or no one gets each key, everyone stays in synch for group Infernal Machine efforts. This also allows players to split-farm Keywardens, spreading out to different acts and searching simultaneously. You just have to let everyone else know if a key drops, and then drop a banner or wait until the others arrive, so they don’t have to search the level, since Keys still do not show up on the map as Legendary Drops.

    Also, the recent Blood Shard exploit hotfix did *not* change how Keywardens drop. I split farmed a few yesterday in an MP game and the key drops were still global.

    Do you guys like the change? It makes key farming a bit less teamwork, with people splitting into different acts and exploring solo, rather than spreading out to search the same area simultaneously, but I think it’s a good idea to make the drops global, just so everyone in the game stays in synch on their keys. It was always annoying in the past if you had four people farming and one guy got really unlucky and was stuck on something like 6/2/7/9 keys while everyone else had at least 4 of each key and wanted to move on to the Ubers.

    Related point that’s been made many times, but can we get a reset the Ubers option after all 4 portals have been cleared? Stick on the annoying Rift 30s timer if necessary, but it’s annoying to have to keep creating new games when you’re doing multiple Infernal Machines in a row.

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    19 thoughts on “Keywardens are now Global drops

    1. This was the case in last patch also, not changed this patch, and yes it's quite nice.

    2. Other than the A4 location change nothing has changed since patch 2.1. The keys have been global drops since at least season 2, possibly season 1.

      • I've heard others say that, but if so it was little know. I did a fair amount of key farming in S2, partying with a wide variety of different players, and no one ever said that key drops were global, and everyone always waited for the group to assemble before killing the KW.

        In any event, this is how it works now and it does make KW farming more convenient. The global drops seem to apply to all keys, including extra/bonus/random ones, not just the single 100% guaranteed key on T6.

        • It has been like this for ages. And it was well known. It was the way people farmed it way back in start of season 1 – if you joined a public game. You split out to each act, and when you killed the warden you write +/- in chat and wait for everyone to port in if it dropped.

          But yeah – makes it a lot faster den pre-season 1.

        • I had been split-act key farming for so long that I didn't know that people still did the same-area thing. It's been many months since I did a focused run, but it was easy enough. Everyone picked an act, first person to find one would announce if it dropped (if it did, it was waiting for everyone), and the other 3 players would ping-pong around to grab any keys found.

          I had no idea this was some sort of little-known thing.

        • This was changed in Patch 2.1.1 (Sept 2014). It was in the patch notes:

          Relevant section reads:
          In multiplayer games, the Key of Bones, Key of Gluttony, and Key of War will now be considered group drops
          This means that, instead of players having an individual chance to find a key, that chance now exists at the party level
          If a Key of Bones, a Key of Gluttony, or a Key of War drops, it will drop for everyone in the party at the time

          But yeah, it was a good change, makes it nice for farming keys with a consistent group, since you’ll all stay in sync.

    3. But the question is, who cares about Keywardens? By time you reach Torment VI, you realize both Hellfire Ring and Amulet are pretty useless in end-game and rather use other items in that slot.

    4. they should make it so the key drops at your foot no matter which one ur farming so u can properly split farm the keywardens

    5. I'm not sure if people can be in different areas when the key drops. When I did that with my friends only the character who was in the area with the Keywarden got the key and the rest of the drops. Being in town while someone kills the Keywarden definitely works though.

      • You can be in another area, that's what was changed in season 2 (if I remember correctly)

    6. Agree with @Maclowery that keys have been a global drop for a long time, possibly as far back as season 1. This fact was also confirmed in the comments of one your articles many months ago as well.

      A tip for split farming so you don't lose your progress when teleporting to another act to get a key, first TP to town, then use the teleport to player feature to grab a key and then go to the map and teleport to town instead of TP back to town. Your original TP will be waiting for you to resume where you left off.

    7. i have absolutely no faith in crafting a suitable HF ammy. To me this is worthless.

      maybe I have luck but I always find suitable leoric’s ring if i’m desperate for xp but with focus combo u can never remove slot =/.

    8. I am making fun of the person who wrote this… Been like this for months. If you want to be making guides learn the game first man. We farmed the keys for hours and they globally drop. They drop more often if u dance on the voodoo before you start…FFS

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