Which keys from which Key Wardens?

With the interesting new DiabloWikiHellfire Amulet and the prospect of improvements to the DiabloWikiHellfire Ring and/or the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine on the whole, lots of players are looking to stock up on keys and/or DiabloWikiDemonic Organs before Patch 2.1 goes live. Key farming, how does it work? Not how it used to…

does nakarat in act 4 still drop all diff keys? or is it only one key type per warden per act? i’ve only been getting key of evil so far dropping off him
Each keywarden has a chance to drop a random key in addition to their normal key. For example, Odeg the keywarden is most likely to drop a Key of Bones, but could also drop a Key of Gluttony, War, or Evil. The bonus key is on a separate loot table from the keywardens normal key, so they don’t interfere with one another’s chances of dropping.

In Reaper of Souls you need one each of the 4 keys to create an Infernal Machine, and then you have to do 4 different Ubers, and the the Key and Organ drop rates are much lower than they were under the old DiabloWikiMonster Power system. Which is why hardly anyone was doing Hellfire Rings (plus they almost always sucked). It’s unclear if desire for the new Hellfire Amulets will really change that.

As for key farming, has anyone done enough runs to comment on the RNG the Blue refers to? I have not, but I’m curious what sort of drop rates you’ll get with each key. Presumably you’ll still have to farm all four keywardens, but if you much prefer doing say, the Act 3 KW, you could probably get lucky enough on the other 3 keys to save a few trips through the other Acts. (Especially now that Bounties have made us all stupid and lazy, and searching a whole level for a monster that doesn’t blink on the map with a big yellow sonar ping seems such an ordeal.)

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  1. i have put down a few hours in key farming. The bonus drops only happend to me twice. So no, you pretty much have to farm all acts. I miss the old MP10 droprate. 50% at T6 is too low

  2. Xarinth (or whatever the ice morlu is called) once dropped 2 keys, both of which were not the assigned Act 3 key (Gluttony I think).

  3. Had about a dozen hours hunting for keys the last days. No bonus drop yet whatsoever. And the regular drops are unsatisfying, either. Only playing on T3, though…

  4. been running keys for about 10hrs. everytime i dont get one (just need 3 more for 12) i take a shot of whiskey. got really drunk…

    • Hehe… would be a nice game for a lanparty with friends. Imagine playing it with drops of lsd, though. Psychward, here we come… ^^

  5. I’m one of the few who farmed for a new hellfire ring because I don’t like to rush new characters and theyre a nice boost for hardcore. Had to make around 10 machines total, and I only saw the bonus drop once. Nekarrat on act 4 dropped the act 3 key but not his own. At the time I thought it was a big or something leftover from the old keyfarming method because I didnt know about the whole bonus drop thing.

  6. All I've been doing since the PTR dropped is, either, test that(tiered rifts) or run for keys. In regular ros. As it stands, there are certain KWs that just don't like me even though I run them on T6. But I have 12 of each key at the moment and I'm set to start farming organs. I'm just bit sure if I should wait for the new patch to drop for that; as they may decide to up the organ drop rate do to the new popularity of the quest. But, then again … I'll be wanting to start seasons as well, when the patch goes live. What to do?!

  7. Since I don't have Torment ready HC char and as soon as I got Torment ready SC I stoped playing SC. So no, never tried. Not to say that I was expert before…

  8. Done a few Key Wardens the past week and seen the bonus drop quite a few times. Sometimes I got 2x keys (either same or different ones) or it would just be 1 of em. Did wonder why this was happening but after reading this it makes sense. I run rifts on t6 but I do the warden runs in t3-4 since it's way faster to run through all the packs in act 1 and 2. Keys might not drop as often but when I can do act 1-4 in 10 min. rather then 30+ then I'm fine with t3-4.

  9. The bonus key drop is too rare to count on. Otherwise I'd gladly skip A1 and A2.

    A1 = key of bones (Fields of Misery)
    A2 = key of gluttony (Dalghur Oasis)
    A3 = key of war (Stonefort)
    A4 = key of evil (Silver Spire 1)

    machine of bones -> Leoric + Maghda = Leoric's Regret
    machine of gluttony -> Ghom + Rakanoth = Vial of Putridness
    machine of war -> Seigebreaker + Kulle = Idol of Terror
    machine of evil -> Diablo + 2 guests = Heart of Evil

    Now that you can target the missing pieces of your ring/amulet it is so much better.

  10. I sat and farmed keys and then organs about a month and a half ago so that I could get the achievement tied to it (and it’s great for leveling HC toons). After about roughly 6 hours of farming on T3/T4 I finally completed a single ring. Its rolls were pretty terrible (socket, area damage, vitality, and damage) but for my alt DH it worked out okay.

    I’m not sure how much I’ll want to farm those keys because of how long it’ll take to get the keys, then the organs, and then god knows how long it’ll take me to get an amulet that rolls with a Demon Hunter passive, not to even mention a useful one (get the custom engineering when I avoid anything to do with sentry builds!). Time wlil obviously tell, but I’d be okay with them buffing the drop rates on them a little bit so that it wasn’t quite as annoying to farm them on even higher torments (4/5).

    • If I understood it right, the passive will always be of the class you're rolling the amulet with.

      • It would just be awesome if the passive, chosen for the amulet, was always one of the 4 passives your character is currently using. Then the amulet would have a fair chance of being useful right away.

        Because, there are SO many stats that are useless that can make an amulet Worst in slot. Even if we get the passive we want, we're still going to want a socket, CC, CD, Elemental Damage, Main Stat or Vit(depending on HC or SC).

        • As Elly has said, you can chose between mainstats, with three (more or less) random primaries rolled. (And one secondary…) Rolling elemental damage as one is basically a must have now. On the other two my preference would be allres or armor for one (, or a socket for a diamond, if secondary rolls resis,) and, depending on gear, either CC or CD for the other. Both CC and CD would be a close second, though. But a resi-roll as secondary affix would then be mandatory, from my point of view.

  11. I am farming 10 keys a day and you need to do all 4 acts. bonus drop is very rare. I vary between T5 and 6 depending on what else I am doing. Key of gluttony and bones seem to drop more often.

    starting to get bored with doing it so adding in act 1 bounty and a rift with each run.

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