Key of Trials drop rates… too easy?

A fan asked about finding Rift Trial Keys, and got useful info from other fans and a Blue. Not only is it easy, but perhaps Key of Trials drop rates… too easy?

What is the droprate on the trial rift key? I’ve done around 10-15 rifts now and have yet to see a key.

Does difficulty matter? I am on a season character so I was doing master level rifts and now on torment 1 rifts.
You’ll need to be in Torment difficulty in order to have a chance to find a Greater Rift Trial Key. Each level of difficulty beyond Torment I will give you a greater chance of finding a key, too.

No actual numbers provided, but the drop rate is pretty generous in my experience. Even on T1 I found a Trials Key maybe 50% of the time, and playing this week on T3 or T4 I found them often enough to expect it and be surprised when one didn’t drop. I’ve not played that much with my HSea monk, but she’s got at least a dozen Trial Keys stacked up. (I just wish I could build up extra Souls so easily. Still totally bottlenecked on gear upgrades by those.)

Do dis to get dat.

Do dis to get dat.

Overall, the ease of obtaining Trial Keys, plus the way Trials and Urshi works now makes it surprisingly quick/easy to upgrade your Legendary Gems. It’s certainly been tweaked and sped up since the The initial system we had on the PTR. Back then you found Greater Rift Keys directly, but there was no Realm of Trials and you had to start out at GR1. You could jump up 8 or 9 levels with a fast clear, but you still had to play through all those easy Rifts on your way up.

For example: in that initial system players were looking at an hour or more to go from finding the initial key to finishing a R29 rift, which is enough to give them a 50% chance (per try) of upgrading a gem from rank 24 to 25. In the current system, that whole timeline is very accelerated. Stomp through a T2 rift in 5 minutes, get the trials key, blast through Trials up to wave 30ish in a few minutes, clear the R29 rift in less than 15m, and use Urshi for your Legendary Gem upgrade.

A fast player with good gear could do that whole sequence of events in 25m, probably less, and if you’ve already got a bunch of Trial Keys, or you spend some time doing a bunch of trials in a row to build up several GR keys at your desired level, you could just knock them off one after the other, gaining 3 ranks to your Legendary Gem every 10-12m.

Honestly, I’ve been expecting complaints that the whole LGem upgrade system is too easy. Which one of you “I already got mine” guys wants to go all Elitist mode and start that ball rolling?


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  1. Anyone who claims "Too easy" has never tried to run a Greater Rift past level 35 or so.

    Getting the trial key is straight forward. Running the trial to get a high key is also easy… But then you actually have to pass a crazy hard GR. Softcore is difficult enough, but Hardcore I can't even imagine.

    Up until 2.1 D3 was about a massively difficult grind to a crappy end game. Now its about a fairly easy path to a massively difficult end game… Personally I like the latter a lot more.

  2. I played more than 15 rifts on t1 & only got 3 keys,so either my luck sucks or you have been very lucky Flux

  3. If they're gonna make an area you go in for one reason and one reason only, letting us get our rank 25 gem in 75 minutes and get back on the real endgame is the best we could realistically hope for.

  4. I’ve never done a T6 rift where a trial key didn’t drop, so I’m assuming the drop rate scales up to 100% (or at least, a very high chance).

  5. I 2nd that Decoy. Seems to be 100% on T6.

    And I also agree with you Flux. I'm quite the casual player, but have a decently geared Crusader. I've upgraded 3 gems to lvl 25+ in perhaps 15 hours of gameplay since 2.1 – which is WAY quicker than I thought before the patch (and a little sad imo). Not that I am steamrolling anything (currently stuck on GR33), but I still would have liked to have put in more effort on my preferred gems, before starting to upgrade ones for alternate builds and chars…

  6. I think the drop rate is ok or could be little lower.
    What I don’t like on the whole Grifts is the need to run the trials each time. For me it would be much easier to choose from the lvls I already cleared in time. I would not even mind doing it from lvl 1 the first time to move to higher level, but next time I could choose any of the level I have already done.

  7. I am fairly ok with the drop rate. I do not gain anything from it being lower than now (I play T1 in season, T2 otherwise).

  8. I just wish that the keys could stack above 100. You can't sell them and you can't drop them, so at some point, are we supposed to stop picking them up? Feels weird.

    • Convert to currency, maybe cap at X, problem solved – right? I know someone will bring up that whole "they said it should feel like an actual item" quote, but imho that's just plain stupid. There should be no item that we can't get rid of in any way and that drops far too frequently, ultimately filling up our stash.

      • A-freaking-men. This is the most annoying damn thing in any patch, getting rid of stash-to-obelisk activation. I DON'T CARRY THOSE STUPID LITTLE ROCKS IN MY POCKETS WHILE I'M SLAUGHTERING HELLSPAWN. Awful. Currency, currency, currency! They made EVERYTHING BoA, even chipped gems! There's no reason for stash space for materials (especially Parts, which you CAN'T USE bc/ the crafting recipes are so terrible), there's no reason for Death's Breath at all b/c every crafting material is BoA, and there's certainly no point in all the little different key bits of various flavors. Man, it's awful. Just let us pick any level up to the one we've completed w/o any stupid key. Maybe keep the Trials for PuG play so everyone knows what kind of Grift they're up for.

  9. If the droprate for these is too high, then I would submit that the drop rate for rift key fragments when doing bounties is too high.

    My point is, the challenge of grifts is the rifts themselves. It takes time to farm keystones, ok, fine, but farming keystones does not need to be a source of frustration in and of itself.

  10. I think that to speed up the ability to use them you should be allowed to drop a stack of stones on the obelisk, do one trial, then receive back a stack of equal size for whatever level.

  11. The whole thing just feels weird. I don't really mind the drop rates, its the grifts themselves that are weird. Everybody seems to do them differently, and I usually just run it by myself. Then in a public game its an absolute nightmare. I play Hardcore so im not sure what its like over in softy but there never seems to be any Grift specific games in public, ive only ever seen them pop up in regular rift games, and thats when the shit hits the fan. Half the group wants to slow down til the 4:30 mark, the other is trying to blaze through it, and literally most of the time it turns into a fighting, cussing, vote kicking situation. I don't even bother anymore, thankfully I have clan mates and run grifts as a cohesive team.
    I didn't play the PTR but I had hoped they would be rifts that started at 1, had a guardian at the end of every floor, and it gradually got harder by the floor without splitting them up into separate games. And you would go until you were sure you couldn't take anymore.

    Before I knew how it all worked, I had also thought the legendary gems would upgrade via its own experience bar. Like, while you wore it in battle in a greater rift, it would lvl higher/faster as the rifts got harder in difficulty.

    Not sure yet how I feel about it, I try to enjoy everything as they make it.

  12. No problems here with the keystone drops.

    The trial rifts are what I don't like…Especially for hardcore.

  13. I love how people say they are "casual" yet are doing grifts up to 33 and beyond and have gems at lvl 25 .
    My highest Grift is like 27 and have 0 gems at 25 still . pissing me off how long its taking and failing at 70% constantly , fecking stupid things 🙂
    Maybe I should bite the bullet and try a party , might have my gems by christmas at this rate .

    Keystone drops are ridiculous , it's the only beam I have seen practically .

    Since starting to count , I have done 40 T2-T3 rifts then moved up to T4 and am at 56 , I have had 2 green items drop from the guardian in all that time , it's broke I tell ya 😛

    • Well casual was maybe not entirely correct, but certainly not very dedicated either. I was stuck at 27 myself before any gem at 25. I got lucky on the 60% rolls though, and then bumped up two Grift lvls per gem I got to 25.

      So, summarized we are about the same spot, except my rolls on 60% for my first gem actually succeeded, and then the train just rolls from there 😉

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