A fan asked about finding Rift Trial Keys, and got useful info from other fans and a Blue. Not only is it easy, but perhaps Key of Trials drop rates… too easy?

    What is the droprate on the trial rift key? I’ve done around 10-15 rifts now and have yet to see a key.

    Does difficulty matter? I am on a season character so I was doing master level rifts and now on torment 1 rifts.
    You’ll need to be in Torment difficulty in order to have a chance to find a Greater Rift Trial Key. Each level of difficulty beyond Torment I will give you a greater chance of finding a key, too.

    No actual numbers provided, but the drop rate is pretty generous in my experience. Even on T1 I found a Trials Key maybe 50% of the time, and playing this week on T3 or T4 I found them often enough to expect it and be surprised when one didn’t drop. I’ve not played that much with my HSea monk, but she’s got at least a dozen Trial Keys stacked up. (I just wish I could build up extra Souls so easily. Still totally bottlenecked on gear upgrades by those.)

    Do dis to get dat.

    Do dis to get dat.

    Overall, the ease of obtaining Trial Keys, plus the way Trials and Urshi works now makes it surprisingly quick/easy to upgrade your Legendary Gems. It’s certainly been tweaked and sped up since the The initial system we had on the PTR. Back then you found Greater Rift Keys directly, but there was no Realm of Trials and you had to start out at GR1. You could jump up 8 or 9 levels with a fast clear, but you still had to play through all those easy Rifts on your way up.

    For example: in that initial system players were looking at an hour or more to go from finding the initial key to finishing a R29 rift, which is enough to give them a 50% chance (per try) of upgrading a gem from rank 24 to 25. In the current system, that whole timeline is very accelerated. Stomp through a T2 rift in 5 minutes, get the trials key, blast through Trials up to wave 30ish in a few minutes, clear the R29 rift in less than 15m, and use Urshi for your Legendary Gem upgrade.

    A fast player with good gear could do that whole sequence of events in 25m, probably less, and if you’ve already got a bunch of Trial Keys, or you spend some time doing a bunch of trials in a row to build up several GR keys at your desired level, you could just knock them off one after the other, gaining 3 ranks to your Legendary Gem every 10-12m.

    Honestly, I’ve been expecting complaints that the whole LGem upgrade system is too easy. Which one of you “I already got mine” guys wants to go all Elitist mode and start that ball rolling?

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