A collection of short Blue replies on various essential questions about the new patch and Diablo 3 in general. First up, you’d do well to check the compiled list of known issues, as I’ve seen numerous comments about things listed thereon. That list doesn’t include “no itemization fixes” (other than the Murlocket being removed) since those aren’t in this patch:

    So I take it from the patch notes that the patch in regards to rare items and legendary isn’t the 1.08?
    Lylirra: Correct. We’ve said from the beginning that the itemization changes Travis discussed were planned for beyond patch 1.0.8. We don’t have a timeline to share right now (no ETAs or anything like that), but we’ll definitely be keeping players in the loop as we continue working on those changes.

    Another thread got into complaints about the scorpion exp adjustment, but since that’s a dead issue (no one can seriously argue those monsters didn’t award *way* too much exp for their difficulty and fecundity), I’ll just quote this bit with the actual exp multiplier adjustment formula.

    Nephalem Valor stacks are now multiplicative, not additive. The simple calculation is: [ 100%(base) + bonus from MP + helm ruby + ring] * [1 + Up to 0.75 from NV + Up to 0.30 for multiplayer]

    Since math is hard, here’s an attempted explanation with words. You just add up all the bonuses from DiabloWikiMonster Power and gear, and then multiply it by the DiabloWikiNephalem Valor + multiplayer bonuses. (1.75 for 1p, 1.85 for 2p, 1.95 for 3p, and 2.05 for 4-.) This is how people are rolling over 1000% exp on the PTR now, since you get say 500% from a high MP + gear, and that bonus can be more than doubled in a 4 player game once you’re stacked up. Teamwork! Or at least cooperative exp-loiting.

    Another thread asked for basic info about the benefits/requirements of Nephalem Valor, and got it.

    Playing on Inferno with a full five stacks of Nephalem Valor is required in order for the keys, plans, and demonic organs to drop. Assuming you have five stacks of Nephalem Valor, the drop rate of keys, plans, and demonic organs is 5% on MP0, 10% on MP1, and 20% on MP2, all the way up through a 100% drop rate on MP10.

    “Plans” in that quote refers to the Hellfire Ring plan dropped by DiabloWikiNekarat the Keywarden, which you only need to find once. The Blue does not mean the other hundreds of DiabloWikiPlans and DiabloWikiDesigns, or the new crafting options added in v1.07. Those drop semi-randomly, and more often when you’ve got higher MF, but 5 stacks aren’t required for those; only for the plan and keys and organs associated with the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event.

    Finally, a fan wanted a picture of Lylirra.

    I want to see her photo, I’ve heard she is really pretty. Lylirra what do you think to post a photo to us.
    Lylirra: A) Off-topic post is off-topic.
    B) Google, man!
    C) No.

    Posting guidelines, they are your friend: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3074647446#2 🙂

    She locked the thread there, but as we aim to be more full service than Bliz, here’s some pics. A prime example came from PAX East just a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of the ever-vigilant Fmulder. He found a shot of Lylirra and Vaeflare with some Diablo cosplayers posing as Leah and the Demon Hunter, and you can see it in our gigantic Diablo cosplay gallery… or by clicking through.

    CM Lylirra, Leah, female Demon Hunter, and CM Vaeflare, at PAX East 2013.

    CM Lylirra, Leah, female Demon Hunter, and CM Vaeflare, at PAX East 2013.

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