A new interview with Diablo III’s Lead Content Designer DiabloWikiKevin Martens has appeared on Atomic Gamer. It’s not exactly bursting with new news, but Kevin gives good answers on various game issues, including what makes Diablo II so timeless, what new stuff they’re adding in Diablo III, Diablo on consoles, Diablo-clones on smart phones, and more. Click here to read the whole interview. A couple of quotes are below.

    AG: Do you feel this decade-old formula is enough to appease today?s gamers? What does the Diablo franchise need to do to appeal to this generation, aside from offering what the series has already done so well?

    Kevin Martens: In that sense, we?re really going to make a lot of improvements to a lot of different systems. The main thing is that, as you said, there?s not a lot of games in this type of genre, this type of action-RPG genre. If we deliver a really compelling re-playable game like this and we do it with a newer engine, but we keep the system specs low, and we couple it with something like our new Battle.net experience, which makes it widely accessible and very easy to play with your friends, you know, that strong co-op multiplayer element, it?s hard to see how people aren?t going to love this game.

    AG: Is there anything specifically from Diablo II that the team felt needed improvement and wanted to tweak for Diablo III?

    Kevin Martens: The questing and DiabloWikistory. I think we?ve added way more DiabloWikiquests, more variety of quests. We?ve randomized the quests, and have these sort of quests that are self contained. For example, if you enter a dungeon in Diablo III, there might be somebody standing at the entrance, like a treasure hunter, saying, ?Hey, I heard stories about DiabloWikiThe Idol of Rygnar is hidden somewhere in this dungeon. Help me find it and you can share in the reward.? Then you go through the dungeon and protect this guy. Then you?ll find the idol and you?ll get the reward.

    People will turn on you?you?re never quite sure what is going to happen. We?re adding all those random elements all over the world. There is way more quest content overall than Diablo II, period. Also, I think we wanted to do a much better job on the storytelling aspects, not just the cinematics, which are fantastic, but also in the storytelling itself, like more twists and turns, more interesting quests, more variety of experiences. That?s what we spent a lot of time on, and making the co-op nature of it better as well.

    We don’t know where/when this interview was conducted, but it seems fairly recent, which means we may see others popping up in the next few days. The Diablo III Team never seems to give just one interview; there are usually several granted in short order to various media outlets as Jay Wilson goes on a media blitz, or when we got four at once with the male Demon Hunter debut. Needless to say, we’ll keep our eyes open. If any of you guys spot one first, let us know via comment, forum post, or .

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