Kevin Martens and Josh Mosquiera Interview

Another Blizzcon 2011 video interview is live, this one hosted by Max, the editor of the Diablo group on Reddit. I’m not sure if he’s polite or semi-paralyzed by nervousness, but his question delivery is interesting. The questions are good though, and the eleven-minute interview covers the challenges of creating Diablo III, functional vs. optimal builds in Diablo III, features they wanted in D3 that didn’t make it, changes to classes during development, and more.

Thanks Doomscream.

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12 thoughts on “Kevin Martens and Josh Mosquiera Interview

  1. i thought this was a good interview, the guy interviewing did not interrupt and they talked about the random events.

  2. yo flux…are you gonna post the interview Force did with Jay Wilson?  I submitted it several days ago.  Been wanting to see what the folks here have to say about it.

      • Indeed… if you want to watch that one then go find the link to it in the forums or just go to his channel… really the only significant thing in it is that they tried the rune attuning thing and realized it had it’s own problems (the exact ones people anticipated it would have and yet blizzard did it anyway and acted kind of surprised when they turned up 🙄 ) and that now they are trying to find a compromise between the old and new systems…

    • About the Force interview… Just watched it. Horrible. HORRIBLE.
      Word of advise: 1. Let them finish their sentences. 2. Stop putting words in their mouths and feeding them with alternatives.

  3. you know, i found the necromancer the most boring to play. i was never much of a fan of him. or the druid

  4. Isn’t he named Josh MosquEIra instead of MosquIEra? I think you hispanicized his last name. Names of Iberian origin are tricky.

  5. The interviewer is really awkward, first time in front of the camera maybe? Other than that though, good interview. The random events seem to be more and more promising each time I hear about them.

    • Yeah he said this was his first interview ever. I would have fainted if I had to do an interview like that 😉

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