Spanish gaming source eGAM3Rs has posted a video interview with Kevin Martens and Brian Kindregan from Gamescom. The interview starts at 3:30 after a long intro, so skip ahead, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

    Brian’s the lead writer for Diablo 3 Kevin’s the Lead Content Designer, so it’s appropriate that much of the interview is about the story of Diablo 3, the history of Malthael and his motivations for wiping out humanity, how D3X is different with Angels as the enemies, the creation and lore design of the DiabloWikiCrusader, and more.

    Some paraphrased quotes from this one, partially since the sound is pretty bad with a ton of background noise.

    Story Seeds for D3X in D3C

    We planted seeds for the expansion in the initial game. For instance, in act 3 all of the soldiers in the keep are from DiabloWikiWestmarch. The city of Westmarch sent them to bastion’s keep to help defend against the demons. The DiabloWikiPaladin is originally from Westmarch, and you can speak to the DiabloWikiTemplar follower about Westmarch during the game. We’ve wanted to bring the action to Westmarch for a while.

    Malthael and Demonic Enemies

    DiabloWikiMalthael has been a big part of the Diablo universe, a quiet part, but an important one, all along. His mysterious disappearance is described in the Book of Cain, which set him up to return, and when people vanish and then return in the Diablo universe they don’t tend to come back with gifts and presents.

    I think it’s a huge that we’ve got this different type of enemy. In the Diablo games you’ve always fought demons, and angels were this race that was aloof and far away. You had some nice ones like DiabloWikiTyrael, but they weren’t much seen. Now suddenly you’ve got Angels in the streets, killing people, and it’s going to change everything. And who doesn’t want to fight the Angel of Death?

    Malthael went away and he decided that humanity is the problem. They are the spawn of angels and demons, and Malthael wants a universe of just Angels. So now Malthael’s plan is to wipe out the last straggling remnants of the Demons, and wipe out humanity too. Also, Malthael is worried about the Nephalem. After all, a Nephalem was able to kill the Prime Evil, and that’s something Malthael could never do. So he’s concerned by that.

    Click through for more notes and a semi-transcript of the video. Topics cover the Paragon System upgrades, the Crusader’s story, and plans for content and patches after D3:RoS.

    Paragon System Upgrades

    The paragon system is changing a lot. First of all, there’s no limit now. You can keep on getting more and more paragon points. To use them you assign them into specific categories, with bonuses to your Stats, Offense, Defense, and Adventuring. One of the bonuses in there is your movement speed, so you can just keep adding more and more to that if you want to really dash around the world. And Paragon points are account-wide, and accessible to all of your characters. So even a brand new level 1 that you’ve just rolled will have access to those paragon points.

    Currently people don’t want to play their alts since they’ve put so much time into one character. So now we want players to feel like their play time isn’t wasted no matter who they are playing.

    The Crusader’s Lore

    “Dark Paladin” was the original idea for the Crusader, but he’s taken on a life of his own. He only has two returning Paladin skills, Fist of Heavens and Blessed Hammer. All his other abilities are different. Some are reminiscent of Diablo 2’s Paladin skills of course, like the Crusader has Laws instead of Auras. There are four of them and many of them are beneficial to your party as well, so the Crusader should be a good character in co-op.

    Patches and content after RoS:

    There will be plenty of patches and added content after Reaper of Souls. Some of our patches are so big that they’re new content almost by themselves, but if you guys want *content* content, well that can happen if the fans are interested.

    The D3 team has never made a secret of their plans to release at least two DiabloWikiexpansions for Diablo 3, so the grinning semi-coyness on the last part is kind of cute.

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