Like this, but in the Profile.

    Like this, but in the Profile.

    The three legendary item powers enabled by Kanai’s Cube currently do not show up in another player’s profile, when you snoop them in-game or in chat. Players have been requesting this fixed in the UI for a while, but there’s good news from a Blue, who says it’s a WiP.

    Can we please get the small quality of life change to our forum player profiles of the three powers we have cubed for our characters showing up on their profile? You could simply put it under the “Gear Bonuses” section, in orange to indicate that it is legendary powers. Either list the item names (Furnace, Ring of Royal Grandeur, Cindercoat, for example) or just list the powers themselves. Either one of these options would work.

    This would help other players checking out our builds to know what items we have cubed, and would give us a way to check what we have cubed on our own characters while not in game.
    Grimiku: Currently, our plan is to include powers granted via Kanai’s Cube on the player profile. We do not have any additional details to share about this feature just yet, but we do appreciate the feedback and wanted to let you know that it’s on the way.

    As you heard if you listened to (or just read our highlights) the last live stream with Wyatt Cheng, Diablo III can be hampered by bottlenecks in getting the UI updated. During the stream, Wyatt talked about how the snapshot feature, showing what a character’s gear/build when they got their best GRift time, was functional on their internal builds for months before it showed up in Patch 2.3 on the PTR. There just wasn’t any way for it to be visible to players in the UI.

    Sounds like this Kanai’s Cube issue is the same thing, with the feature working fine in the game and showing in other ways, but just no time yet for one of the UI programmers to get it to display in the profile as players wish. Hopefully we’ll see it when the patch goes live, or at least added in a hotfix long before Season 5…

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