Kadala Gambling Simulator Saves the Trouble of Playing

Something to do while waiting for Orek...

Something to do while waiting for Orek…

Someone’s coded a fairly brilliant Kadala simulator, allowing you to gamble to your heart’s content right through your browser, without any of that tedious Blood Shard farming. It’s very simple to operate; just select your class and then left click on the item you want to gamble. Items show up in blue, yellow, green, and orange quality just like in the game, and can be hovered on to view their stats. There’s even a counter on each item that keeps track of how many shards you’ve wasted spent on that slot.

It’s got some bugs in the item stats; I saw a few with five primary and two secondary affixes (on items that can’t have that in game) and some of the stat values were below the minimum range, but the ratio of blue/yellow/leg seemed pretty on (though greens seemed rarer than in the game, and it’s fun to click and see the items appear. The only thing lacking are sound effects, including Kadala taunting you as you burn through 25k shards trying to find a second #$*%ing DiabloWikiUnity

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    1. This is a great start but it needs the following:

      1. Paper dolls for each character so I can equip / unequip
      2. Stat sheet for each character
      3. Act 1 bounty simulator (chance for RoRGs)
      4. Horadric cache simulator
      5. Grift reward simulator
      6. Leaderboards to make public all the chars you built
      7. Seasons

      • 8. Monsters
        9. Sound effects
        10. Music (more like D1/D2 thanks)
        11. Quests
        12. Treasure goblins
        13. Rifts
        14. GRifts
        15. Skills
        16. …

    2. Just finished rolling an entire Firebirds set for my wizard:

      blood shard cost / slot

      6300 hat
      225 boots
      1950 pants
      5025 gloves
      7375 chest
      1325 shoulders
      225 source

      total cost: 22,425 blood shards

      See you next season!

    3. Clearly the simulator is not working as intended.

      300 shards:


    4. Hey look, it’s Diablo 3’s very own Cookie Clicker ;p

    5. As I’ve been trying and failing to find a Serpent’s Sparker in D3, I tried to see how many shards it would take me with the simulator.

      Only 151,125 shards before I found a Serpent’s Sparker. And that wasn’t even an ancient…

      Anyone able to math what the average shards per Serpent’s Sparker should be?

      • Rough estimate from a worthless anecdotal set of around 75 Devastator crafts:

        1 in about 10 legendary weapons will be ancient, 1 in about 8 to 10 ancient weapons will be potentially good. You’ll be spending more than a million shards just to get an ancient sparker, and many, MANY more than that to get one with good rolls.

        Working as intended, enjoy your grindfest treadmill.

    6. 3 SMKs in ~10k shards and i’ve yet to find one in-game :/

    7. 155.175 shards and i got my ancient Dagger of Darts. At 200.000 shards still no ancient Starmetal. This simulator is depressing…

    8. 65k and 155k Ashbringer
      21k unity

      Seems about in line with current odds

    9. Yep, perfect illustration of why I can’t play this game seriously for long periods of time. The weapon odds are absurd and my chances of getting the ancient I actually need with serviceable stats are basically null. Ancient items are a shameful blight on the game and I hope the concept is dropped in favor of a more sensible player-driven item upgrading system in the next expansion.

      HAHAHAHAHAHA oh man, I kill me.

      • You know how we all want “targeted legendaries” but the devs don’t?

        The solution is “targeted ancients,” meaning you target farm for a long time to turn your item into an ancient version, rather than just hoping an ancient one drops. So it’s still hard to find the weapon you need like Serpent’s, but when you do find one that’s decent, you can target farm turn it into ancient. So this solution still prolong’s game’s lifespan without letting too much RNG kill the fun while feeling rewarding to play the game all at the same time.

      • I don’t understand your complaint. You don’t NEED to be decked out in full ancient gear. They put some things in the game that have a low chance of dropping. Big deal.

        • Non-ancient weapons locking you out of grift progression is the big deal. The progression is:

          Weapon -> any legendary w/any stats -> any ancient weapon w/decent stats -> the ultra-rare build-making ancient that you want.

          It should be:

          weapon -> any legendary w/any stats -> any ancient weapon w/perfect stats -> build-defining non-ancient weapon w/decent stats -> ultra-rare build-making ancient w/perfect stats.

          • I’m still not seeing it. Getting “locked out” of grift progression at the insane levels you are talking about is just bizarre.

    10. I’ve been spending wild amounts of shards looking for DMO set for wiz and with this sim i get it right away… sadness…

    11. I really can’t see any use for this sort of thing…

      If you’re looking for something specific on Kadala, you only have to know one thing: it’s very rare to get what you want.

      If anything, some people will find the Furnace after, say, 10000 shards. Then they will curse the real game for no Furnace after 20000 shards.

      In my opinion, this just adds anxiety, and is no help at all…

      • or you can see the flip side.. and answer the “what if” that lingers in each of us.. the curiosity… like.. “how long would it take before i see X item?”…

        and in that perspective it satisfies this.. which is what simulators do well.

        • That’s my point, exactly. The game is just too random for any simulation to be any good.

          Like you said, the simulation gives the player an idea of “how long” it would take to get X item. The thing is, there is no way to ensure that real game gambling will be anywhere near that. For better or worse.

          I really see no point, from a practical point of view. If people find it fun on its own, that’s fine. But I do see it leading to disappointment in-game.

    12. Gave up hope on Carnevil drops after seeing everyone with one and spending god knows how many shards gambling for it.

      On the other hand, I see people praying for SMK and Dagger of Darts while I’ve salvaged more than one of each.

      Indeed, random roll is random. Not even trying the simulator.

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