Blizzard provided answers to common questions about legendaries and the “player X has killed Elite Y” issue. First up, confirmation that Kadala can gamble DiabloWikiTorment-Only set items.

    I’ve been trying to gamble Tal Rasha’s hat from Kadala with no luck

    It is possible, if that’s what you’re asking.
    Grimiku: Yep, that’s correct! Kadala can now drop DiabloWikiTorment restricted items, including class set items.

    And since it’s related: The chance to receive a legendary reward from Kadala is static and independent from your difficulty setting. No need to create a new game in T6 every time you turn in your Blood Shards. =)

    I feel safe in saying that no one in an active clan had any doubt about this question, since the last few days in clan chat I’ve seen a constant stream of “Player X looted DiabloWikiGauntlets of Akkhan” or “Player Y looted DiabloWikiMarauder’s Encasement” followed immediately by, “Thanks Kadala!”

    Your odds of finding a whole Torment-only set via gambling are terrible, because ultra-rare items are ultra-rare, but if you just need one more item for a partial or full set bonus, targeting it with some intensive Blood Shard expenditures is not a bad piece of strategy.

    My very first game on Thursday morning, I received 1 set item drop and 4 legs, awesome, the buff is working (I still stop at the rift boss). The next games I averaged about 2-3 legs (some good, some not so good). Thursday night 3 of us play and the “buff” can be noticed. Come Friday, I noticed the drops were lower, okay no big deal, RNG. Come the weekend its just like it was before the “buff” for the 3 of us and we even clear the entire rift now.

    Something was changed, and it was noticed, but Blizzard fails to inform us.

    If it was changed, I think they should just be clear about it and move on instead of being quiet about it as its pretty obvious that the buff is either not working, or ninja nerfed.

    Its not a coincidence that a lot of people are reporting the experiences.
    Grimiku: We haven’t made any adjustments to the anniversary buff since it started, but I certainly know it can feel otherwise when you’re on a streak of bad luck, though. I’m going to lock this thread to help prevent the spread of misinformation, and thank you for your understanding.

    I loved reading this post. It so perfectly encapsulates of human psychology and the way our stupid primate brains fall into all the fallacies of gambling and of small numbers and such, and how we can’t help but see patterns and meaning in randomness. So we’ve had a week and weekend where the vast majority of players are rhapsodizing about the buffed legendary drop rate, strong majorities want the buff to last forever (like true love), etc. And yet against that background of bliss you can still find some individuals who are convinced, based on a run of slightly below average luck, that the whole system has been inverted and that there’s a grand conspiracy against their happiness.

    Because humans!

    the xxx player killed the yyy elite should go to the player who did most damage..not to the player who came out of nowhere and did the last hit for 1 hp.. it gives the felling of that he did the most damage and it is plain BS.

    for example in elite packs or guardians playing with other WDs.. im a pet doctor.. and they are mostly jade.. i can get down the elites or the guardian for 70 to 85% of the hp and then they com with the nonsense soul harvest and get the kill for them when clearly i did most damage.. so why reward this kind of behavior???.. announce MUST go to who did MOST damage
    Grimiku: It’s easy to lose track of a member of a pack in the middle of combat, so the chat message regarding when a player kills a champion or elite is only meant to let you know that the pack is dead. There’s no particular benefit to being the player mentioned in the message, though.

    I love the “player X killed Elite Y” feature, especially now that it’s been enabled in single player as well. I regularly get champions, especially the five-count variety, especially of monster types that spread our or run away or hide (like Wasps or Fallen or Scavengers) and can’t tell if I’ve killed them all or if there’s one still missing. This happens most often when I’m farming a DiabloWikilegendary material and not clearing every inch of a level, but I do want to be sure I finished off that boss and got the drop. And now that you get a “killed ’em” message, even playing solo, it’s easy to tell.

    That said, what if the OP was correct, and it mattered who got the last hit in terms of exp or item or gold drops? Some RPGs have that system, where the one who gets the last hit gets all the exp and item, or at least a larger % of it. Does anyone want that to return to Diablo 3? Should the character who does the most damage to an Elite get a better drop? Or do we prefer the current system where everyone in the area gets the same exp and odds for items from the drop, regardless of their participation in the kill?

    (As pointed out in comments, a few skills/items do track proc effects by how many kills a character scores, and of course there’s the DiabloWikiLife per Kill healing feature, so in some cases it does matter who gets the last hit in Diablo 3. We might have a larger debate about such features and how the game allocates kill counters, but 99% of “kills” are trash mobs that go very quickly. The “Player X killed Elite Y” announcement applies only to the Yellow or to the last Champion, which makes very little difference overall.

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