Just Lying there for Fun and Profit

Blue reply to a question about Magic and Gold Find bonuses in the afterlife:

1 : When I’m dead on the ground and my buddies kill the champions/elites, does my Magic Find counts even if I’m dead?
Yep, your MF/GF still count when you’re dead and a monster dies.

2 : Is it just me or more I die more I get bad loot?
I think your second question may be relaying personal experience, but I still want to assure you that player death does not influence loot drops.

Anyone got some interesting superstitions about this? You die one time on the corner of the screen against Belial and got a unique, so now you think you should do it every time? I haven’t heard of any popular ones in D3, but we saw a million of them in D2, as players insisted they’d get more cows in the Secret Level if they opened the portal in a certain part of town, or that Meph dropped better if you killed him in some certain location, or that chests popped better if you opened them in a specific sequence.

Gamers seeking loot are all basically just pigeons in a Skinner Box. Except that sometimes our virtual Skinner Boxes have bugs and exploits so that some of our bizarre propitiating rituals have actual effects.

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    15 thoughts on “Just Lying there for Fun and Profit

    1. I’ve found that if I rub peanut butter on my face and put my left hand in a fish bowl, I get many more legendary items.

      Hah, no, that’s ridiculous.

      I don’t find legendary items.

    2. Probably the myths around D2 were related to the perception of buggy code, given the number of silly bugs that were fixed by patches over time.

      Another aspect may have been the fact that the txt files and inner workings of the game were more visible, so some charlatans would claim that ‘killing meph in this spot gives you better drops’ because they ‘read the code’ and other gullible people would believe them. But it’s widely known that that level of inside knowledge is not possible with D3, so it gives people one less ‘claim’ to authority for their statements.

    3. Some other superstition is that some countries receive some worse loot then others 🙂 Server recognises region and makes a selection – you’re from that part of Europe…hmmm…here you go, only this for you :>

    4. Superstitions come from the silly way the brain works or from someone wanting to have fun with other people.

      The brain looks for patterns everywhere and it finds one always, with random data this pattern is not real, but the brain still thinks it is so stuff like if “your sitting with one foot 3 inches of the ground while scratching your head with the little finger of your right hand at the second X dies gives a you a legendary drop” is born.

    5. I discovered the more I read about other people finding Legendaries, the less I actually find. 🙂

    6. The biggest one in D2 had to be repairing the forge hammer. I can’t tell you how many rushers I’ve come across that made their customers repair the hammer before destroying the soulstone. I also remember people filling up their tomes with tps before opening a portal because they thought it made the cows drop better stuff.

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