June 29th Hotfixes, Item Levels, Paying for Subs and more Blues

A smallish update to the Diablo 3 hotfixes page with the latest one including the following as well as numerous Blue responses:

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Identifying an item will no longer allow players to circumvent a skill’s attack animation cooldown
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to temporarily increase their attack speed or double-cast a skill by clicking repeatedly on DiabloWikiTown Portal while performing an ability
    • Fixed some additional (but rare) game crashes
  • Auction House
    • Fixed a bug that was causing stacks of commodities in a player’s stash to update incorrectly if the items being sent from the Completed Tab were purchased from multiple different sellers

What Do Item levels really mean? Item Budgets.

I see a lot of items with item level 61, 62 and 63 on them, to me this would mean a level 63 item is more powerful than a 61 item, yet this is never the case? I have seen item level 63 items that are not as poweul as level 55 items.

So what does item level really mean?

diablo 3 legendary gloves pendergraspsIt is one piece of what determines an item’s “budget”. You can think of an item as a blank slate, and by placing specific labels on it that have pre-determined “costs” the item essentially has a number of points it can then “spend on itself”. The game will say “This is an ilvl 63 rare set of gloves”. Those labels determine what db it can have, its maximum and minimum ranges, as well as damage, speed, armor, etc. Essentially every part of the item is determined by its type (common, magic, rare, legendary), what kind of item it is (head, chest, sword, etc.) and item level. Crafted, Legendary and Set items follow the same rules, but can have set affixes on them that don’t change but still have a range to roll.

Item’s also have broad ranges, and will overlap. The below concept of that overlap is in no way accurate or indicative of anything at all, except to illustrate the overlap. 🙂

Completely made up power scale that has no basis in anything:


I’m probably missing something in there, but that’s the basic gist. We’re working on adding a ton of the more nitty gritty game design specifics to the Game Guide up-top. We’re shooting for something not too unlike the old Arreat Summit to detail systems and the inner workings of the game, which should help with this specific question as well.

Paying for subs and games with DiabloWikiBattle.net Balance

I’m just curious as to why I cannot pay for my WoW subscription with it. Seems really silly

We’re working on it!

Bugged Colossal Golgor

A crystal shield used to absorb a double swing from the fat colossus and now it destroys the shield and half my life. A four legged casters in act 2 didn’t one shot me with a fire ball thing with shield, now they always do. Used to be able to take a few swings from imps with shield, again now it’s dropped in 1-2 hits.

We’re aware the DiabloWikiColossal Golgor (db) is bugged, and attacking twice. The other situations you mention aren’t on our radar, but we’ll look into them.

As for overall damage increases, no changes went in, but we’ll do some spot checks just to make sure no bugs cropped up from some of the other fixes.

Are you going to fix the repair costs, or am I just going to stop playing since I lose 50k-100k gold a night due to the fact that you nerfed my class to the point where it’s unplayable? Playing a DH with no passive defenses or active defenses (lol 1 second SS with a 2 second CD) is a joke.

We like the repair costs where they are now. I’d recommend hitting up the DH forums and see if there’s some help others can offer. There are a few guides and threads that might provide some helpful tips on staying alive.

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    14 thoughts on “June 29th Hotfixes, Item Levels, Paying for Subs and more Blues

    1. I believe blizzard has maintained since announcement that blizzard bucks will be transferable to other games’ sub…correct me if I’m wrong on that.

    2. If a DH has to lose 50k to 100k a night, then the DH is probably undergeared for the area he’s playing in, or there’s something wrong with the skill set.

      • I agree I’ve farmed act 3 and 4 and if you dont have the gear/right skills then it’s a poor choice. If you know you’ll get 1 shot you have to remember to kite better.

      • To have a 50k-100k repair cost for one session isn’t crazy, but if you didn’t make up for those repair costs while you played… then you’re doing something wrong.

    3. Did someone’s page format auto-centre the illustration of the item lvl overlap? Because it’s displaying as exactly the same ranges.

      Unless the Blue is telling us that there is no difference between lvl 61 and 63 items.

      • Yeah you can see what Bashiok meant if you look at his original post.

        Although it can be greatly different if you are talking about weapons, I think.

      • It’s hilarious, he blatantly admits that he’s playing a class that was intentionally nerfed and still has a whine

    4. Ha! I was one hitted last night by that Colossal Golgor bug in Act 4 Hell. Rarely occurs. Makes you wonder what else is lurking out there waiting for hardcore charater’s :).

      PS: Captcha = grey cloud – apparently it can now predict the weather :D.

    5. Can’t face roll game using one skill.

      Guess class is broken!

      Seriously, 2 more seconds of Invulnerability won’t help you suck less.

      • Not to mention they practically admitted they are using a rune other than Lingering Fog and QQing about the amount of time they have lol. If you can’t get out of harms way in 1.5 seconds with Lingering Fog, then you should probably take Tactical Advantage, or better yet, just stop doing whatever it is you’re doing.

        Really wonder what Act they’re on… But I’d bet on it being Inferno Act 2. I mean, it couldn’t be Act 1, right? RIGHT?!

    6. Haha, there are fewer class options for beating inferno than beating D2 Hell hardcore. Wow, who saw that coming? lol

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