June 26th Scheduled Maintenance Times

North American scheduled maintenance has been set for the following time so take note.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, June 26th. Maintenance will begin at 5:00 AM PDT and conclude at approximately 7:00 AM PDT. During this time, servers and many web services will be unavailable.

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9 thoughts on “June 26th Scheduled Maintenance Times

  1. 2 hours ?

    that’s quite an improvement

    most promising thing I’ve heard since D3’s release

  2. who cares? I wont be playing Diablo 3, that’s for sure. Not until they fix the game.

    • Fix ?

      Every day 7 million people get their fix while playing Diablo 3.

      If you want to stay at the side line: shrug, join the 457 whiners on the internet.

      BTW: Look at this :


      For the 4th (!) time in 4 weeks the game has sold out on amazon.co.uk.

      Back in stock … on June 28th … and still number one although not even stock.

      France and Germany had the same problems but now at least they can shio again.

      And you know the secret ? Mouth to mouth in REAL LIFE. That still beats the internet gossip by a factor of 1000 to 1.

      • Game sales have nothing to do with proving that this game is a success. The game sales, which most of which happened at or before launch, are almost entirely based upon the reputation that Blizzard has earned in the past, in part with its previous Diablo titles.

        This game has been a colossal disappointment to the majority of avid gamers. I say avid, as people who play quite casually and are just getting to inferno now have had quite a different diablo experience then those who hit inferno within days of release. Pre inferno this game is actually quite well done.

        But thats not excuse for the abysmal lack of creativity and balance, and hell even just solid game design principles that this game is lacking endgame. 1.0.3 was the final straw for me, as I pushed through and played their broken unplayable inferno mode and purchased a weapon for 30 mil gold, only to have it unappologetically nerfed beyond 70% of its value. Now i have a mediocre 5 mil weapon. Well played Blizzard, well played.

  3. 4 days notice for a 2 hour outage. I bet people still QQ like it’s the end of the world.

  4. Remember when Blizzard said “it’ll be ready when it’s ready”? I don’t think the game was ready yet.

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