June 2013 Diablo 3 Ladders Kill Score Results

The results are in as the June 2013 Diablo 3 Ladders Kill Score ladder is now complete and July’s is now underway. The top ten players were as follows for June.

PosNameSoftcore KillsHardcore KillsElite KillsKill Score

As we noted last month, June’s top 20 is again dominated by DiabloWikiHardcore, with 15/20 slots playing entirely or almost entirely HC. This is partially due to how Kill Scores are calculated (deaths are penalized), but 3 or 4 months ago under the same scoring metric we only saw 4 or 5 out of the top 20 HC. Clearly, more and more active players are going the One Life to Live style of play.

Join the Ladder Race

Blizzard has talked about officially enabling ladders and rankings and seasons in the future of Diablo 3, but anyone can use Diablo3Ladders.com to get into them right now. To take part in the monthly Kill Score ladders just head to Diablo3ladders.com and submit your Battletag. It’s all automated from there, and you can join or create subgroups of just your friends or guildmates to track each other’s progress.

The Hardcore and Softcore ladders still have 28 days to run and you can see how everyone is doing via those links.

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8 thoughts on “June 2013 Diablo 3 Ladders Kill Score Results

  1. Has anyone ever explained how the kill scores are derived? In this table, it’s clear that Avoid killed a ton more stuff than Enrock, but Enrock gets the #1 position. The main difference that’s notable is that it looks like Enrock played more HC than Avoid. So are HC kills weighted higher? I’d love some transparency behind the formulas that grant the final score as I was curious about this months ago, but never took the time to ask.

    • Wow, that’s weird. I think I suck at reading because I didn’t see the mini-explanation about kill scores in this post. I swear the one in the forums didn’t have that explanation. Carry on then, lol.

      Some deeper explanation would still be nice anyway (how much do deaths count against the score, etc.).

      • The bot that ports posts to the main forum sometimes takes the draft version and misses any late edits. I added the explanation to Rush’s original post, so probably that’s the problem.

    • These ladders are bullshit and aren’t worth anything.

      Yes, HC kills are valued higher than SC kills, but the biggest problem is that there is absolutely no way to cater for the Monster Power level.

      1 kill in MP0 counts just as much as 1 kill in MP10, because there’s no way to differentiate them.

      The only reason i have my character logged here is to see how much i’ve played each month.

  2. wow these leaders get more klls in one month than i have accumulated since release. i think 5000 kills per hour is not too difficult to hit. so that would be 200 hrs spent on d3…

    • I’ve never even attempted to tally my kills per hour, but now I’m curious. I finished at 17th for the month, after I was as high as 2nd or 3rd the first week or two. I hardly played at all the last 2 weeks, thanks to travel and busy with work.)

      There’s no way you could count them in real time, but tools or stat sites like D3L will gather the figures for you. Months and months ago when Alkaizer runs were all the vogue, I did like many players and kept some records; just writing down my exp and the time at the start of a game, and tallying my exp over time on a variety of MP levels and with slightly varying gear and build. I haven’t investigated at that level in a long time, though. Certainly not since v1.08 added so many more farming options.

  3. How do I remove a character from a ladder? I just joined the softcore ladder and now I’ve got a mule character signed up.

  4. Yes, you’re right but we have to work with what Blizzard allow us to do. But we’re at least trying to provide something for the community. Happy to see it’s providing something for you though.

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