July 2013 Diablo 3 Ladders Kill Score and Season 3 Results

We come to the end of another Diablo 3 ladders season as well as the end of July Kill Score results. Now that Season 3 has concluded, players can now join the Season 4 Hardcore and Softcore ladders which will conclude at the end of October. The August Kill Score ladder has now also started calculating.

The results tables are as follows:


PosNameSoftcore KillsHardcore KillsElite KillsKill Score


And now on to the results for Season 3 Hardcore and Softcore, starting with the Hardore:


PosNameServerClassLevelParagon Lvl
1Narf (DanaScully#2859)EUBarb6046
2Alice (Shad0wBill#2255)EUDH6039
3Amaterasu (Raijin#2740)EUWiz6038
4Fujin (Raijin#2740)EUBarb6036
5JohnRambo (Dayon#1568)USBarb6015
6AlyssIV (Towen#2842)EUWiz6012
7powerod (roodrigoo#1231)USMonk609
8RyosII (Towen#2842)EUWiz606
9Midnite (DRAGONJAP#1289)USWiz605
10Midnight (DRAGONJAP#1289)USWiz605



PosNameServerClassLevelParagon Lvl
1ladder (sterducken#1274)USBarb60100
2StarRaiven (Blueraiven#6323)USWiz6063
3Lawke (Lawke#1422)USBarb6063
4blushotz (bluburrrry21#1858)USDH601
5Silas (Acaton#1673)USMonk390
6MidNite (DRAGONJAP#1289)USWiz270
7Lydia (hardyn#1615)USDH140
8Benedict (JazzyBeats#1955)USWD90
9Ladderlols (OptimusJim#6124)USMonk90
10LaddaMayne (Rordtin#1544)USDH80

The last few months saw a steady increase in Hardcore players at the top of the chart, with 15 of the top 20 playing mostly or all Hardcore in June. That trend reversed this time around, with just 9 of the top 20 Hardcore. My favorite is MrPhats in 8th place, who somehow killed just 2 softcore monsters this month. How is that even possible? How does one kill just 2 of anything in Diablo 3, where the enemies come in groups of a dozen?

Also, since people keep asking, the kill score takes several factors into account, including player deaths. That’s why some HC players rank higher despite having fewer total kills. That seems fair to me since softcore players can go much higher DPS without worrying about EHP, since death comes with no real penalties in softocre Diablo 3.

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    5 thoughts on “July 2013 Diablo 3 Ladders Kill Score and Season 3 Results

    1. I thought the new ladders would start in maybe a few days. Why are there 30 days registration time for the new season? I obviously wont be waiting that long to play my new char 🙂

      • I would like to know this as well, not sure why you would want people to wait so
        long to start the new ladder season.

        • Guys that was my mistake. They are starting on 1 August and the system has been updated to reflect this now.

    2. Softcore ladder is dominated by us players while hardcore ladder is dominated by eu players.

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