Julian Love Interview @ GameTrailers

Fmulder points us to a short video interview of Diablo III’s Technical Director Julian Love. It’s not exactly an interview, since no one’s talking but Julian. Instead it’s just him speaking on several game issues, with lots of gameplay footage.

Topics covered include wacky skill rune risks, art design, archetypal character classes with a twist, dungeon design, and monster grossness, more. It’s only six minutes, and info-packed. Clicky clicky.

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    22 thoughts on “Julian Love Interview @ GameTrailers

    1. Very nice. I’m really eager to see what outlandish skill variantions they can come up with. Still not sure about the monk’s huge bell though…

        • yeah, well i’m glad he acknowledged that those skills are kind of weird. zombie bears probably tops my list though, followed by corpse throw. although it would be funny if the corpses stayed on the ground and you could create a huge pile of carcasses.

    2. @ 2.30, is that the with doctor summoning mongrols/Zombie dog’s? If so, the fact that they are on fire, is that a confirmed rune effect?
      The demon hunters multi-shot near the end of the video looks cool.

        • The throwing the firebomb and “enchating” them with locust was cool but dropped very early in development if I remember correctly. It’s clear that they look like that immediately when he summons them. The different rune effects is what I’m most interested in, too bad it won’t be in the beta…
          Is there no community/wiki entry where all known/confirmed rune effects are stored, aside from the standard wiki entry. Because I seem t remember more than listed there.

    3. I hope they’ll change this rune effect on zombie wall. It looks like they escaped from circus.

      • Don’t like the effect on zombie wall, would make sense for Zombie Charger: less impact damage but changes it to Line-of-Sight damage. When I first saw the effect, thought it was a rune effect on charger…

      • Or, they will see that nobody uses it and take care of it.

        …’cuz you know, they can spy on us and hotfix immediately now 😉

        (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    4. Im almost certain this infact is an interview, theyve just edited out the questions and got him to repeat the question…Its a pretty common thing to do. Great interview tho

    5. It’s hard to complain or nit-pick when guys like Julian and Wyatt are talking about the game.  The passion that they feel for what they do is palpable.  And, while they’re bound to not talk about specifics, you can just feel that they want us to enjoy this.

    6. so the most parts of d3 wont be random except of some randomization in terms of events and monsters? Well, they said it before but I secretly hoped that they would change that (e.g. the entrance of the huntress camps was always in some other direction and the outer world was random, now it isn’t :o: )

      • We will have to wait and see. I am sure there will be more surprises then what is revealed.
        I am really impressed with D3’s team leaders. Dedication and passion.

      • The borders and connectivity of the outside areas are non-random. Most of the stuff within the borders and all the dungeons will be random. They wanted to save you having to map the edges of every area to find the entrance to the next one so you can focus on what’s inside the area – which will be much more interesting and variable than was the case in D2.
        That’s their theory, anyway, and I’m fairly confident it’ll work well in practise.

    7. Cool, but maybe they shouldn’t have “taken a chance” with the zombie cheerleader squad. 😛

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