GameFront teased this last week and now they’ve delivered the full transcript of their interview with Julian Love from Blizzcon 2011.

    It’s an excellent interview, with no-BS questions and answers on a lot of core issues, though Julian has to go “no comment” on a number of the juicier ones. Topics include D3 as an E-Sport (Julian says no way), is Diablo a woman, is Tyrael a bad guy, have they started development on the expansions, the DiabloWikiart controversy, and more. A quote:

    GameFront: How long have you, personally, been working on Diablo 3?
    That’s tough to quantify. I worked on things that would contribute to Diablo 3 before there was a D3. I worked on some of the art pipeline features and support tools. From that perspective, I’ve been working on the game for over 9 years. In terms of actual hardcore development of the game, it’s more like 6.

    GF: Care to elaborate on the pre-D3 work?
    There was an early period when we wanted to make a game that would be like a Diablo 3 game, and we were just exploring on a fundamental level what kind of engine we wanted to make and how it would work. It was a pre-development stage we went through where we just wanted to get the technology off the ground. At that point, we hadn’t figured out what game that engine would necessarily be for. We just knew it would be an isometric-ish game.

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