Digital Trends has posted a write up based on an interview with DiabloWikiJulian Love at last week’s Blizzcon. There’s not any *new* info, but there are some nice bits about what the developers are working on now, what they’ve learned so far from the Beta test, etc. A quote:

    “BlizzCon is really critical to us from that perspective, because it gives us the possibility of putting a very unfinished game, or some sections of it, in front of our audience — the audience that’s really passionate about what we’re going to do,” said Love. “It gives us the opportunity to tell us exactly what they feel about it. It also lets us stand in the background sometimes and observe them and see, ‘They don’t really get this thing that we thought everybody would get,’ in which case we go back to the drawing board.”

    For those who didn’t attend the sold-out BlizzCon, the beta is allowing the developer to fine-tune every aspect of the RPG.

    “We get to find all those things that are maybe not working as well as we would like, things that are confusing to people,” said Love. “It’s also given us a chance to look at the way the skill system works and to re-evaluate how complicated that is. We’re trying to find that balance of usability and freedom of exploration, but also a sense of ownership and feeling like this is a class that you’re going to invest in. We have to do that in a way that doesn’t make it too complicated, as well.”

    Putting this with the other new interview about how they made changes to D3 since some developer’s mom didn’t know how to play, and it shows how wrong some of us have been, with our jokes about D3 being “dumbed down” for the console market. (Since the dumbing down clearly has nothing to do with consoles.)

    So, where on the “accessibility vs. depth and complexity” scale do you think Diablo III should fall? Where do you think it is right now? Where do you think Diablo 2 was?

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