Julian Love BlizzCon Interview

GamerLife managed to catch up with Lead Technical Artist Julian Love at the show and in the interview topics covered include the WoW/D3 twelve month deal, what they have been learning about the game from the Beta, how critical BlizzCon is for geting feedback from the community and more.

Thanks FMulder.

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6 thoughts on “Julian Love BlizzCon Interview

  1. Julian Love from Blizzard North =)), so there are ppl from Blizzard north who still work on diablo =)

  2. What I love so much about this, is that it should soundly trash any accusations of Blizzard just being greedy bstards worshipping the next $ – they didn’t have to offer D3 for free to WoW players, yet they still do. On top of that, if you buy Collectors Edition, it’ll count as 4 months on your WoW sub, if you agree to the 12 month sub plan, so it’s pure win-win.

  3. @HerlockS: Umm…I don’t think they are giving D3 for free to be generous…I think that they are worried about too many people letting their WoW accounts expire after D3 comes out.  A year WoW Sub. is something like $180 compared to $60(?) for D3 (Assuming they don’t sneak in a monthly fee).  It makes sense for them.  Not that I think that Blizzard are greedy bastards or anything; they need to make money, too.  So it is a win-win for WoW players but make no difference to me; I don’t play WoW.

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