Judge Hype’s Diablo 3 Gamescom Interview Highlights

Judge Hype’s Diablo 3 Gamescom Interview Highlights

The French D3 fansite Judge Hype has done great work over the years and provided us with all the Crusader skills a few days ago. The Judge has now posted a write up about his interview with Josh Mosqueira and Christian Lichtner from Gamescom and it’s got good stuff as well. There’s no audio or video alas, just a bullet point list of the key details, but there are some new facts that I hadn’t heard in other interviews. Here are some quotes of the Google translation, and thanks to Koko for the tip and his own useful translations in the forum.

  • “When I asked if there will still be 4 levels of difficulty, Josh and Christian exchanged a smile. They say it is an excellent question but they don’t want to answer it right now.”
  • Each of the original five classes will have several new abilities between levels 60 and 70. The number of new skills vary between classes. Blizzard does not want to give examples of new skills for now, since the system is still under construction.
  • Sparkles and stars around legendary item names give a quick indication of an item’s potential. (This feature was adopted almost directly from MrMonstrosity’s Fanifesto.)
  • No news about new crafting abilities for the Jewelery or the Blacksmith. They are working on the Mystic and won’t comment on the other artisans now.
  • The Diamond is a new gym type. It reduces cooldown in helms, adds resist all in armor, and boosts elite damage in weapons.
  • Blizzard still analyzing the situation regarding a possible Ladder for Diablo III. According to Josh, what players like in Diablo II is that the ladder is a good solution to give the impression of having something new regularly.
  • If nothing else, at least the variety of European languages at Gamescom has enabled us to grow reacquainted with the marvels of Google translator.

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    28 thoughts on “Judge Hype’s Diablo 3 Gamescom Interview Highlights

      • MP levels should be also limited, max to 5, or maybe even be deleted, D3 is becoming something big, not well organized “thing”, and with new “systems” like sharagon it might get even worst.

    1. Going down from 4 to 3 is very nice idea. I hope that they don’t add a 5th one (I believe not, because community rather dislikes so many difficulties).

      • Going down to 3 is the general assumption in the forum thread.


        I quoted myself from the dev interview in July when I heavily pitched Josh and Wyatt about removing Hell difficulty once they had an Act 5 and rescaling the exp curve to something like 1-40, 41-60, and then into Inferno. I’d be happy if they did that.

        As to some more radical reworking of the entire game difficulty structure? I guess it’s possible, but I’ve been envisioning Loot Runs and whatever other yet-to-be-revealed game type as End Game content, not something you’d start doing at level 25 as part of your leveling up. As Josh said, “End game for everyone.” Not “Beginning/middle game for everyone.”

        • I see your point. I suppose you could redefine “end game” as what happens after the story, instead of when you reach max level.

          If you look at this UI http://i.imgur.com/4s7oELE.png it strongly implies that you can change between “story mode” and “adventure mode”. Granted it could still require you to slog through 70 levels in normal/nm/hell before unlocking it, but I don’t see a reason for that.

    2. There isn’t much point to have Inferno now that they have MP levels and scaling legendaries.

      • Really there’s no point to any of the difficulty settings now.

        1 play through, 14 character levels per act.

        Monster power levels, maybe 5 of them?

        Loot runs and nephalem trials. Sounds good to me.

    3. There was never much of a point in it other than being different, as far as I could tell.

      And with the multiple nerfs to it, buffs to players, and introduction of MP levels to add difficulty as desired, I see even less need for it. I’d be happy if it vanished.

    4. Great info! Thanks! After GC we have already plenty of information about RoS and new content for upcoming patches. I’m wondering what goodies they left for Blizzcon!?

      • I seriously doubt that mortalo since 4 difficulty settings needed 10 more settings in order to work at all, and is still pretty busted imo.

    5. I said this months ago: w/ a good, robust Monster Power system, the Normal/Nightmare/etc system is redundant. It’s not needed anymore. W/ Loot Runs and other types of small, instanced content, then there’s even less need for the story/game world as currently constructed. Especially if they don’t bother cutting out the cut scenes/gating mechanisms.

      • There wouldn’t even be a need for a MP system either. As the quality of your character is measured by your average dps, thanks to the glorious system that draws damage purely from your main weapon (which isnt going to change in the expansion anyway), why not simply have monsters deal x% of your dps and having x% of your dps as life? Blizzard is all for dumbing down, as we saw, so why not?

    6. They should remove hell mode but make normal/nightmare mode more difficult to complete and ofcourse improve the items in normal/noghtmare mode as well. You would also have to raise the amount of xp in normal/nightmare modes too assuming that you still need to be level 60 for inferno.I see no reason why you have to have to play through 3 modes before Inferno now when you have multiple mp levels in Inferno.

    7. “Sparkles and stars around legendary item names give a quick indication of an itemโ€™s potential.”

      Let me guess what the “item’s potential” will be…

      1000-2000 dps big white number: few sparkling stars
      2000-3000 dps big white number: more sparkling stars
      3000-4000 dps big white number: lots of sparking stars

      • I knew they would bite on the sparkles… It’s a terrible idea. It takes away the excitement you do when identifying it. You kind of already know in which ballpark the item is.

        But I am not surprised…

        • not really, not in RoS. every legendary will roll at 70, and there will be new legendaries. If it’s a [Helm], it could be one of 20 possibilities or so ๐Ÿ˜› Unlike one of two, right now.

          • Why would all legendary roll ilvl70? Currently even with MP turned on not every dropping items are ilvl63. That won’t change.

            Yes, that partially takes away the excitement, because we will know, if an item has higher quality, and we will slowly start filtering them out. The other part when we pick up the item and we already see the item’s picture, so we can guess what it is, even without identifying it.

            I would prefer if i pick up an item it would have a generic picture, and after identifying it, it would get a unique/legendary image.

            • Yes it will. They have said that part of loot 2.0 is making legenaries scale with their stats and affixes to the monster level that dropped them. In the preview video, there is a DML that is level 70, every legendary will be upscaled and upgraded to the monster level that it’s dropped from.

              Even low level legendaries like the Leoric’s ring will be upgraded to the montser level that dropped them, and ALL available legendaries in the game will roll at all levels.

    8. I don’t think they’ll be that innovative.

      Normal: 1 – 30
      Nightmare: 31 – 50
      Hell: 51 – 61
      Another difficulty: 62 – 70
      Inferno: 70.

    9. I really hope they revise the difficulty system. The game has become too bloated and spread out now. 4 difficulty levels and 10mps of each has completely separated the playerbase (even moreso on hardcore where there are far less players in general). When the game launched Normal-Inferno made sense because inferno was supposed to be stupidly hard. Nowadays with MP and endless inferno nerfs, everything is completely different and redundtant.

      There has to be a better way to handle all this without separating players into small clusters..

    10. I also don’t really like the legendary sparkle idea… I get it that it’s all just mental perception but I’d rather pick-up every legendary hoping it will turn out good.

      I also don’t want to see ladders. They have some benefits but they also have big drawbacks which I’d rather do without. Maybe a single economy reset every expansion (and then *some* ladders after the last expansion) but not right now.

    11. I think it will be something like this:

      Player levels without monster power:
      Normal: 1-35 or 1-40
      Nightmare: 36-55 or 45-60
      Hell: 56-70 or 61-70 + paragon levels
      Inferno: paragon levels only

      Monster levels:
      Normal-Hell: 1-69.
      Inferno: 70.

      They can adjust monsters’ power with MP so no need for monsters go beyond lvl70.

      • So you’d REMOVE content for classic players? Laughable. Excluding classic players from hell AND inferno is absolutely terrible.

        • I would not remove anything. If expansion character chechbox is not selected, then players don’t have access to act5, so their characters progress slower through 3 difficulties. They would reach lvl60 at hell and inferno would remain the same as it is now for non expansion characters/players. Not expansion monster/item/player level scaling is done already, why disturb it. They can do new scaling for expansion.

          I hope they won’t add an another difficulty, and they’re making monsters’ level 60-69 available at Hell and 70 + MP at Inferno difficulty.

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