The French D3 fansite Judge Hype has done great work over the years and provided us with all the Crusader skills a few days ago. The Judge has now posted a write up about his interview with Josh Mosqueira and Christian Lichtner from Gamescom and it’s got good stuff as well. There’s no audio or video alas, just a bullet point list of the key details, but there are some new facts that I hadn’t heard in other interviews. Here are some quotes of the Google translation, and thanks to Koko for the tip and his own useful translations in the forum.

  • “When I asked if there will still be 4 levels of difficulty, Josh and Christian exchanged a smile. They say it is an excellent question but they don’t want to answer it right now.”
  • Each of the original five classes will have several new abilities between levels 60 and 70. The number of new skills vary between classes. Blizzard does not want to give examples of new skills for now, since the system is still under construction.
  • Sparkles and stars around legendary item names give a quick indication of an item’s potential. (This feature was adopted almost directly from MrMonstrosity’s Fanifesto.)
  • No news about new crafting abilities for the Jewelery or the Blacksmith. They are working on the Mystic and won’t comment on the other artisans now.
  • The Diamond is a new gym type. It reduces cooldown in helms, adds resist all in armor, and boosts elite damage in weapons.
  • Blizzard still analyzing the situation regarding a possible Ladder for Diablo III. According to Josh, what players like in Diablo II is that the ladder is a good solution to give the impression of having something new regularly.
  • If nothing else, at least the variety of European languages at Gamescom has enabled us to grow reacquainted with the marvels of Google translator.

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