Joshua Smith’s Diablo 3 Figures

You may remember Joshua Smith from his work in his  awesome Diablo 3 costume, well his creative juices are still flowing and he is currently in the process of creating Diablo 3 figures which are cast in black resin which will then be painted with high detail.

So far he has posted a shot of the figures for DiabloWikiDiablo, DiabloWikiImperius, DiabloWikiAuriel,DiabloWikiTyrael, DiabloWikiMalthael and DiabloWikiItherael. The figures do look like they are going to be quite impressive when they are all painted up and you can also let him know what you think on Joshua’s Blog here on the site.

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10 thoughts on “Joshua Smith’s Diablo 3 Figures

  1. Hahahahahahahaha, my captcha says KNOCK OFF… and i was just going to comment on how copyright infringment like these statues is awesome…

  2. I feel bad for ya if you’d buy this garbage.  But these figures have as much value as macaroni art.  It’s CRAP, who cares.

  3. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the final painted models.

    Makes me wonder if DC Unlimited will be doing an action figure line for D3 like they have for SC2 and WoW. I always thought the Diablo universe had the best potential for figures in Blizz’s franchises.

    • Yeah, it would be nice to see some official figures for the Angiris Council, D3 Diablo, D2 Diablo, the other Evils, etc.

  4. who ever says this is crap is on drugs, i would like to see you make a resin model that good, oh wait you can’t

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