Thanks to SilverFang for pointing us to Gamestar.de has posted a video interview from E3 with Diablo Console director / Diablo 3 Game Director DiabloWikiJosh Mosquiera. Once you get past the weirdness of seeing a Blizzard employee giving an interview while not wearing a Blizzard t-shirt, it’s a quick 5:30 with some good info about console stuff. I listened and tapped down the key bits, as follows:

  • Josh talked about why the Diablo 3 console has an offline mode and how fun it was. He then showed some impressive PR-fu by swiftly pivoting to explain why the PC version has an online-only requirement and no current plans for an offline mode. (PC version is build for B.net, great social features in vl.08, etc.) You’ll be shocked to learn that the word “piracy” was not part of his explanation.
  • They worked to really redo the whole game feel so it would play like it was “hand built” for the console. They wanted a very actiony play system, and the Evade roll works with that, as does the changes to the item system. Fewer but better items drop, and they wanted you playing the game, not the inventory, so it’s quicker to see if items you find are upgrades.
  • Nephalem Globes are a new drop; they come out just like Health Globes, and give a temporary buff to your movement speed and damage. Details were not shared, but that seems a very potentially interesting feature, a bit like giving every class a version of DiabloWikiGruesome Feast.
  • All the boss fights in the game have been tweaked for the console. For instance you can see the Belial fight from a much lower camera angle in some of the videos they’ve released.
  • Josh talked up the benefits of a “staggered production cycle” which means releasing the Console a year after thePC version, hence the console can launch with all of the patch improvements such as the Infernal Machine, better crafting recipes, etc.
  • PlayStation 4 differences were teased, with Josh clearly hinting that they’re doing cool stuff with the new controller and better graphics, but nothing they can officially comment on yet.
  • The video doesn’t seem to be embedable, but you can view it, funny commercials in German, and lots of buffering, here.

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