Josh Mosquiera leaves Blizzard

Josh Mosqueira

Josh Mosqueira

Hot on the heels of the new game director posting earlier, it has come to light that Josh Mosquiera has now departed Blizzard.

Josh was a great addition to the Diablo team and managed to salvage the game somewhat after the launch mess. A statement from Blizzard reads:

“With Diablo III in a good place at this point, Josh felt that now was a good time to pursue other opportunities with minimal impact to the team. We’ll be filling the director role either from within Blizzard or externally. Josh made many contributions during his time here, and we loved working with him, We wish him all the best and look forward to his future work.”

I think we can all agree Josh did a good job with the game following Jay Wilson’s departure and we wish him well with his new ventures.

With this new information we still don’t know what will happen with the new game director position but it would seem odd to bring a new person in now for an expansion. Perhaps Diablo IV is on the cards?


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  1. What the hell is going on?!?!??!

  2. Thank You Josh for all your hard work. It helped improve the game so much since launch back in 2012.


  3. Something big happened at blizzard. I don’t know what yet but there are apparently a bunch of people not having it.

  4. “In a good place.” It is about in the worst place it has ever been. It sounds more like he said “Fuck You, I am out.” Usually when people leave on good terms they put up a letter. There was no letter and with the exodus of 3 other devs from the d3 team, it is pretty clear they were done with Activisions shitty management.

  5. Jay gave us a game with zero legs. Initial sales were amazing and most people ended up quitting within first month.

    I totally agree, the game is clearly NOT “in a good place”. That being said, Josh did in fact fix stuff and add elements of ‘endless progression’.

    Yeah I’m pissed, I don’t give a f*ck if I look back to D1/D2 with rose-tinted glasses. D3 was a major letdown. Let’s just hope they go back to the roots of the franchise and honor classic ARPG mechanics with projects moving forward. Personally, I think they ought to make a fresh new Diablo and not release more expansions for D3. As much as I want the new content, even more I want a redesigned game.

  6. Josh was also Strike Team lead for Overwatch (source: OW credits). I’m sure his input was invaluable in helping Blizzard get OW up and running on the console platforms.

    With a resume like his he’s sure to be picking up a game director job for a big project.

  7. D3 is hemorrhaging talent. That’s rather alarming.

  8. This looks like a huge ban-wave! Abandon Shop! Abandon ship!

  9. Quote from Lanthanide :I think it’s more like, Blizzard tried to lean on him to make changes or do things he didn’t want to do, so he quit.

    i think so to.
    + also the constant nagging from the community over nothing.

    I still have fun with game , and why not bring bring AH back 🙂

  10. “Perhaps Diablo IV is on the cards?”

    actually it makes me think D4 is NOT in the cards

    let’s say I’m working at one of the most successful video game companies in history

    at this company I am game director for one of the most profitable and successful video games in history

    I am widely acknowledged by the media and players as fixing many of the problems with the original version of this game

    I make a ton of money

    a sequel to this game is being planned and I will surely be asked to head it up

    I guess now’s a good time to quit


    nope, don’t see a D4 in the future

    • Actually it goes like this:
      A sequal is being planned, but the company directors have a vision in mind that I don’t find compelling, so I choose not to work on it and go somewhere else instead.

      As others have noted, it could be something as drastic as going for a MMORPG and Josh doesn’t want to make that, because he (rightly) knows that the community will rebel over that.

      • Or maybe it goes like this:

        A sequel is being planned but the game director position is being published to the public, which basically means there is no one currently in Blizzard suitable for this position. Josh reckons he cannot get a promotion anymore and so decides to leave.

  11. I guess that means we won’t get any more stilted and wooden Blizzcon presentations where he says “epic loot” every sentence.

  12. My guess is this has less to do with Diablo than with Activation-Blizzard overall. The U.S. and video game corporations in general seem to have a major problem with under paying/overworking/under appreciating employees. Workers are seen as expendable and easily replaced. I imagine several people saw the Overwatch money flowing in, asked for a raise, were refused, and are now looking for better opportunities.

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