Something is afoot over at Blizzard. Could this finally be it? Josh Mosqueira decided it was time for a cryptic Tweet

    We only speak of it in hushed tones… we didn’t just build walls out of bones, but also ladders to climb over them…
    diablo 3 ladders tease

    These aren’t the ladders you’re looking for

    Are we back discussing Diablo 3 ladders? A feature that’s been mentioned time and time again pre and post launch, mostly by the community hankering after such a feature. So let’s assume Josh is talking about in-game ladders and speculate as to how far along Blizzard could be with a ladder system and how we think they could function in the newly revamped version of the game.


    If it is a hint towards ladders then they must be pretty far along and confident it won’t end up on the scrap heap, “reconsidered”, to mention it in this way,

    Ladders have been mentioned on and off for a long time, hopefully with this cryptic hint now hanging in the air Blizzard will elaborate as to whether Josh was talking about “ladders” and if so should we expect them this year.

    Thanks Matt for sending that in.

    Update: There’s more to this. When asked on Twitter by Piggilol “Could you please answer will there be any inormation on a ladder/seasons system before the RoS release? ” Josh replied:

    Hang in there… Launch is only a few weeks away.

    and later with

    Systems, UI and online designers having a very cool meeting in my office. Lots of pretty images on screens that will make people happy.


    And thanks to Mage Slayer for unearthing those nuggets.  So, will that be the twist to this tale, that on release (25th March), we get a big patch introducing ladders?

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