Josh Mosqueira talks Reaper of Souls chat channels, followers, Loot, RMAH and more

The Gamescom Reaper of Souls interviews keep on coming and Josh Mosqueira sat down with KingKongerTV to discuss numerous topics. Quite a few questions were asked including whether they plan on improving their chat channels, and although no details are dished out, there will be some news on these features at BlizzCon.

Followers are also touched on with Josh mentioned special follower side quests which will reveal more about their characters. As for  DiabloWikiPvP , well we’ll have to wait for that “awesome day” when some sort real PvP is announced. The idea of sockets being added by you to your gear is also asked but the DiabloWikiMystic is how they want to address the issue of changing affixes on gear.

The “complex issue” of the auction house is raised and Josh says that they feel the original intent of auction house is “really valid” and that trading is a key aspect of the game, and like it or not, there’s a portion of the player base that “attribute real world value to the items”.

Josh goes on to say that real money trading has to be done in a “safe and secure manner” and without the auction house “in the territories where there is no  DiabloWikiRMAH , the account compromises are out whack with the rest of the world”. However they do realise it’s a problem hence the whole Loot 2.0 changes to make the game fun and rewarding.

The team are still tweaking the Paragon levelling curve and more will come at  DiabloWikiBlizzCon . Watch the video for more…

Thanks Glauber for the tip.

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10 thoughts on “Josh Mosqueira talks Reaper of Souls chat channels, followers, Loot, RMAH and more

  1. A socket itself is an affix.

    The question could have been worded in a clearer manner but my interpretation of it is that you can add a socket to items if that is the ‘re-rolled’ affix.

  2. Its hard for them to answer these questions since they might have the answer we ALL want, like a pvp mode coming with D3X, but he cant say anything…So its time wait for BlizzCon, play the rumor game and hope the ‘amazing day’ is coming in 3 months…

    • its pretty clear we aren’t getting any pvp for a long time and they don’t have any pvp planned for d3x launch.

      • I’ll try again.
        Yes, we probably wont have PvP, thats the safe bet, BUT if they did infact added to the expasion, they want to keep as quiet as possible, they know the fans want this feature a LOT, so IF for some reason they were able to develop, they would save for BlizzCon to surprise us all.

        So what i tried to say was, even thought we probably wont get PvP any time soon, even thought they say that, its not 100% confirmed that is infact true.

  3. Looking forward to the follower being expanded upon since they were one part of D3C’s writing that wasn’t terrible.

    I’m glad they’re taking their time with PvP… then again I don’t care about PvP! lol

    Enchanting sounds good.

    Pretty good interview, even though Josh doesn’t have answers to a lot of questions because of them still being in development hell. 🙁

    • Now that they are being more focused on we can look forward to that horrid dialogue that got such rave reviews from the internal testers. Be prepared to have your dreams crushed by the mountain of shitty dialogue and delivery.

      • I see someone here is positive on everything.
        I actualy enjoyed talking with the followers, at least the templar and scoundrel…What they need, thought, is a buff on skills…or a change…Specialy templar.

  4. Good questions asked there by KingKongor.

    Looking forward for more news at Blizzcon, specially those that take a way the current feeling of lack of content in the expansion… since most things will come in free patch.

    Then again, if D3 is a console game, then D3X lack of features makes sense as a console expansion!

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